Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Affiliates New Years Resolution

As an affiliate marketer, I try to be ahead of the game by cramming all and everything within my tiny mind but sometimes there is just too such information to take in and doing everything becomes a chore at times, so what do you do? How do you take charge of your path to earn online through affiliate income?

Simple set yourself some workable goals and take it from there.

Now I already know my new years resolution as I want to grow and earn more in affiliate marketing, but also I want to spend more time with my family too, so these are two of my main resolutions for the new year.

Thinking more about your ultimate goals what else can you come up with yourself?

For I definitely want to learn more technical aspects of affiliate marketing and branch out into a few areas of online earning with a handful of sites.

However, I also want to pursue my main hobby of drawing and by drawing, I mean everything in that area, which would be tattoos, drawing my own comic books and just being an arty kind of guy and love drawing again as my number one hobby.

So what do you think will be your number one priority in the coming new year?


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mark Ling Affilorama 6 Part Video Affiliate Marketing Course

Here are 6 videos that go through the overview of steps to take for starting an affiliate maketing campaign, how to do so depends on really how well you plan the steps that are presented here.

Part 1 - How to make money online through affiliate marketing.
The first video is an introduction into what affiliate marketing is for any new people who have never heard the term before.

Part 2 - How to set up a basic website
An overview of basic webpage set up with free software nvu and it is just that basic!

Part 3 - Essential Parts Of Affiliate Websites And Landing Pages

A look at actual case studies and examples of affiliate websites and landing page samples to look at.

Part 4 - Finding Profitable Affiliate Niche Markets

How to find a profitable affiliate market to earn from, tips and techniques of a 3 step process.

Part 5 - How To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Search engine optimization and other strategies for driving new visitors to your website.

Part 6 - Other Methods To Get Traffic To Your Website

Other methods of getting visitors to your website, including pay per click,(ppc)press releases and many more ideas for you to go through.

Bonus Video - Affiliate networks and Clickbank

All about affiliate networks and one of the popular digital affiliate marketplace.

Now this Affilorama video course was a free video course that hopefully you have gone through, but there is an upgrade for an affiliate premium membership were you can learn more in depth affiliate marketing strategies, so I'd recommend you do go to Affilorama to see more information about making money from affiliate programs.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Affiliate Marketing And Other Tips For Online Earning Video

A collection of videos from youtube about various online earning with the occasional affiliate mention here and there.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

An Affiliate Link Assistance

Four products that will help you with your affiliate promotions in some way, I'd recommend Seo Spy Glass to check out more on your competition for specific keywords.

I've also heard alot about the link assistant too so I will probably buy it myself and review it here at a later date.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Think About Using Feedburner As Your Best Affiliate Promotion Method

I'm a regular reader of the problogger blog and as usual Darrens content is linked to some top high profile blogs that also provide great content and so I found this video about obtaining a feedburner account and using it for the first time, this is quite basic stuff, but for those who haven't thought about the uses of RSS feeds, this video should inspire some confidence in the feed system and show you what is possible with the feedburner feed and how you could work it into your affiliate marketing.


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Promoting A Series Of Related Affiliate Programs

All the affiliate programs you start to promote must be towards some kind of plan.

Doing this is a simple step by step process that starts off with a list of daily activities, steps that must get done each day have to be done first thing, no checking your email for the latest junk, save that until there's nothing left to do, have a laugh at the email you get at this moment, because you know full well you have done your important work before handling the daily chores of spam email and rummaging through the junk mail and blog comments.

To promote a series of affiliate programs in your promotional calendar, there are two things that must be imprinted in your mind.

1. Your plan has to cover everything you need to go through, try to fit everything in a routine week, each day has it's main focus and keep with it forever, this will set you apart from those who just cannot be bothered.

2. An in depth handle on the products you are promoting, this can catapult your sales conversions further if you implement this with solid marketing methods, more over an understanding of what the product could offer any potential buyers really helps you get attention.

A lot of the focus comes from being direct in your approach and being consistent with the exact marketing methods you are best at, for me, I would hazard a guess that my best marketing approach is through free advertising and article content, so I focus on these two methods like the plague.

Earning from many affiliate promotions you have been running can make the difference from only earning from one in contrast to several income streams. Therefore, dust off that thinking cap and get to work, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Affiliate Marketing Video - Affiliate Secret Weapon Still Going Strong

It's hard to believe or rather it isn't that Ewen Chias Secret affiliate weapon site is still going to this day and more than likely still bringing in sales for Ewen, even though it's priced at a low $9.97, it still is an effective site that builds residual income for Ewen and it's one that you can apply yourself to. The Affiliate business model that is.

I was one of those that purchased this affiliate one off membership, it tells you how to promote his best selling products and in fact it's a good tip to show potential new affiliates how to promote and earn from affiliate marketing with his best products, it makes him more money and gets more traffic to his site and you learn in the process too, so it's a winner all around type of situation.

This video gives a small overview of it, and directs your next steps to take in the world of affiliate marketing.


Thursday, 27 November 2008

5 Affiliate Trials And Errors To Use For Testing

Through affiliate marketing I have found many sources of information online, but for the most part the information that I have found and read only describes one half of the solution because the other half is actually taking action by trial and error to see what works well and what needs to be thrown out.

Today I would like to go through 5 trials that any affiliate should be doing in their affiliate business and by trials I mean affiliates taking action and doing things to a plan, then I will follow these 5 with 5 errors that you as a performance marketer should be avoiding altogether.

5 trials of an affiliate

1. Test ad networks for good ad click throughs and metrics, Adsense, Kontera, try links within content, ad placements on targeted websites, check the stats for the keywords for context links so they are super relevant. It takes a lot of work to test and track, but as an affiliate you should get used to this way of analyzing the stats to your advantage, but don't over obsess with your stats.

2. Split test different opt in forms if you have them on your website, you could have one static sign up form and one pop up or pop under form, see which one converts to more subscribers after a couple of weeks, then choose the best one, simple as!
Testing out different formats is what trial and error is for in the world of any affiliate business or other online business type, so use the power of tested results to further your earnings, visitors and click throughs.

3. Always try to evaluate your affiliate marketing plan to see if you are headed in the right direction or if you need to improve in some areas, do this once a month to measure results that you track anyway.
Ask for feedback from your visitors, reades of your blog, or emails, the more problems you help people overcome, the more you'll be able to plan stuff ahead to present to your customer base for each affiliate merchant promotion.

4. When starting out on a potential affiliate campaign, test your promotions and content on a free blog for a whole month and track all results that occur, this way no money is lost and it places a safety net around your bank balance, if there are no strong conversions after a month or so, either you could decide to keep it and try harder or move on to something else.

5. See what other people in the affiliate marketing world are up to and replicate their success, use bits and pieces from each of their strategies that they use, maybe they have certain promotions and ways of promoting that are an expertise for them, try what they do and see what happens.
You'll often find other top people in the affiliate niche, because they have blogs that have lots of readers, so snoop around and find out some new stuff, you never know you might hit on something you have not tried yet.

So really trial and error is just something that should be done on all levels, anything that can be tried and tested avoids the errors later on...

Landing page optimization is equally important so go and find out about this essential book resource on the subject of landing page optimizations and fine tuning of your website

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Stressed With Affiliate Marketing? 5 Simple Ways To Beat It

online business stress

Image by HRW Worcester

Ever get stressed with affiliate marketing?

Just chill out for gods sake!

Being an affiliate is easy, but earning through it takes time, just like a proper business and not some over night rich quick set up.

Stress becomes a part of any life situation and it's how you handle it that matters, frustration becomes stress at some point and stress leads to all sorts of ill health and lack of motivation in your affiliate business.

Stress from affiliate marketing can manifest in many ways and some ways to overcome these are simple ones, hey it could help!!

1. Do anything but affiliate promotions or online stuff, go and draw, paint, do whatever you do offline to relax, this will help you in may ways to become refreshed to come back an hour, a day or even a week later.

2. Instead of trying the tried and tested ways of affiliate marketing, which you should not abandon, try something wacky or off the wall, original and in a totally different direction to other affiliates, changing track could be just what your bank balance ordered.

3. Keep things organized and in their place. I know this sounds obvious, but there were countless times when I first started out, looking for bits of paper with user names and passwords and getting myself all worked up because I couldn't find them. Instead write all of your usernames in a small notebook, or even better on an encrypted file on disk or your computer.

4. A good way of dealing with stress in your online business is having something to punch, and no not a close by employee (Although if they are annoying I wouldn't blame you!) I recently got a brand new punch bag and I hang it up outside my office space, so when I feel like a bit of one on one with the old bag, I ask the wife (no just kidding!)

5. Perhaps the best one out of the lot is just keep learning about affiliate marketing, learning new things takes time sure but the satisfaction of getting things right from the trial and error aspects of the affiliate marketing way just gives your confidence a boost. I know I still have a few things to learn about the more technical parts of say data feeds and things like that, but I know full well that if I do a bit of research and actually follow through on that study with action I would have worked it out and I'd feel quite chuffed.

Monday, 24 November 2008

An Affiliate Book Review: Make A Fortune Promoting Other Peoples Stuff Online By Rosalind Gardner

Affiliate Promotions Book

One of the latest books for affiliate marketing I bought recently was "Make A Fortune Promoting Other Peoples Stuff Online By Rosalind Gardner" it gives some very practical tips on how to maximize your affiliate promotions in the best way possible, this book gives detailed hands on experience from yet another affiliate marketer who obviously knows her stuff, but what is particularly neat about her book is that she goes through a few things that more than likely just get ignored like the preparation of all of your affiliate promotions, all the details and the use of spreadsheets to hold all of that important data.

Another thing I liked about the book it gave some meaning to affiliate terms that also get left out alot from other affiliate marketers, like product data feeds which was nice for potential super affiliates to read about and to know what they are and how they could be used as an affiliate.

While the book could not cover everything completely in detail, the book left an impression upon me with it's information that I mainly knew, but I like to read other affiliates way of working and see what works for others so it might work for me type too, through this book I learned a few things that I've either avoided or just was plain ignorant to and that is keeping your self organized as an affiliate promoter, because there are separate volumes of data to be analyzed and measured, such as keyword analytics,traffic stats,supply and demand and any other factors that go towards a successful referral business.

Although perhaps this book though may be a lead in to Rosalind's other Book, "The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online"
, because I felt that it held back on some aspects of affiliate marketing to be collected in the handbook, all in all though it was a good read though and it inspired me further to stick with it and learn more from affiliates like Rosalind Gardner.


Affiliate Programs: Quality Over Quantity

At first when I started to write this post, I came to the conclusion that quality over quantity is far better to have happen to your affiliate business, but then I started to think about the growth potential of an affiliate business and now I am quite decided that this is the case to build a solid foundation early on, then as time goes on a mixture of quality and quantity must be applied in equal measures.

You see, once you have one affiliate blog or website set up, then the quantity aspect should kick in in your affiliate plan with more tangible income streams, no matter how large or small, they all add up, quality informational content and varying quantities of it make a good start for an affiliate empire.

The rates of commissions you get paid should not all be high either
, a mix of high and low paying commission rates work well as does the fact of negotiating a higher rate if you can prove you can drive more traffic to the affiliated businesses website.

By looking out for increased affiliate rates by how much you refer, you are able to leverage your own ability to generate affiliate sales. Amazons affiliate rate is 4% and if you sell more than 6 items within one calendar month, your referral rate increases to 6%, this is especially good on content rich and traffic heavy sites. A good example would be the Problogger blog, Darren Rowse who runs it, makes his 6% referral rate every month due to his huge volumes of traffic.

Make Money From Affiliate Sales

One of my better affiliate earners - Make some extra $$$

The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. All you have to do is place referral links on your site to When your site visitors click on your links and make purchases at the poster store, you earn 25%-30% of the sale.

This is one of my rising earners as I am currently testing the nature of image search through the search engines and it is shaping up quite nicely as my click through rate is increasing, now what I am concentrating more on now is converting them click throughs into sales, this is done with a handful of articles, numerous ads on free classifieds, targeted blog posts and a bit of clever social networking, yes it takes a lot of effort but at the end of it all, there are lessons to be learned.

I am measuring the stats of my many squidoo lenses, hub pages and blogs, although Allposters affiliate links are only a small percentage of my image affiliate promotions they are getting quite a bit more traffic than others, I suppose the second best image affiliate is Shareapic as this is also driving targeted traffic to my blogs and specialized web pages.

Sign up to the affiliate program today!

Take A Break From Affiliate Marketing Sometimes

When all is stressed in the affiliate empire, take a breather and do something else, often is the case that 30 minutes to an hour can help rejuvenate or just refresh your mind to come back to it later.

Sometimes you need to be reminded that a rest or a change of activity can help you relax and at the same time stay focused on your main tasks in your day, whether it may be a bit of sex (if you can get it??!! shake hands with the unemployed then!)or a walk in the park or both , hahaha! whatever the case you decide to do to take a break, the main reason you do this is to keep your affiliate marketing business ticking over, because the more you think about your business and have no time for yourself to think about other things then what's the point of trapping yourself in your own business if there is no you or family time.

So chill out a bit, because I sure am and I'm more focused and looking forward to the future because of it.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Affiliate Niche Promotion Ideas For Earning

Whatever you need to promote online with affiliate marketing you really need a good niche, like a good pair of smelly boots a niche can be quite useful to attract people(smelly boots?)

Ideas for an affiliate niche to be selected could be the ones that are in large general niches such as health, business, entertainment, design, travel and then go deep into these huge niches and find some little known but quality affiliate programs that will build in terms of earning potential and value for your referrers and your own earnings.

Lets look at health affiliate programs, the popular ones seem to be health drinks, berry drinks for this and that, I see them everywhere, so to target that area with an affiliate promotion would take a lot of work to compete with all the other larger companies who have super affiliates already in place, instead finding a little known health drink or a new one would be ideal for your promotions to be sustainable in growth.

I myself have never ever promoted health products as yet, but there may come a time when I just might, so I'd probably go for a health product that is relatively new or has not been promoted to death by large companies or health and wellness corporations. And part of my marketing plan would include an adwords campaign too as that would drive the traffic that much more quicker to the promotions.

More and more professional affiliate marketers will tell you that you should be promoting an affiliate program based solely around your interests and that is what is important, to start with an area you are familiar with and work from there, also by creating value around sub topics of the main interest that you are really into, you can build up sub niche topics with valuable information that is useful for your customers.

Experience dictates a lot of the online decisions you make, because without any experience in a certain area then you might just create content that is poor in terms of not fully being researched properly.

Some other ideas for a niche affiliate promotion are:

Magazines - these are great because there are magazines for almost all kinds of topics for hobbies, health and fitness, business and many other niches, just take a look at your local book store or newstand for the specialist magazines, this will give you lots of ideas and actually pin pointing a magazine subscription to locate and promote.

Around your house - Eh??! you heard, everyone buys something that they like a book, a dvd, software, laptop, whatever the case, you can find most of your favourite products in an affiliate program, promotions work best when you own the product and have used it, therefore you can recommend it based on your own personal use, why it is good, why you bought it, write reviews all over the internet and provide this useful information. Internet customers actually read reviews to the product to gain more info before they buy, I know I do on

Search online - Searching online for specific ideas does work best when you have a good idea on what you want to promote in the first place, searching the affiliate networks or affiliate directoriesis a good place to start, but also typing in a specific phrase and then affiliate program after it may come up with more direct results.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Making Money Online Through A Single Idea

Making Money Online

Image by Alexey05

Making money online requires a single idea at first, one cracking idea that is based on your main interests or hobby, this is the best way of motivating yourself to actually make money with something that you hold an interest in is much more valuable to you. If you like to dress up in womens clothes then why not create an idea around that, research a niche for transvestites, find where they hang out, what problems they face, make up tips for men dressing as women, that is only an example by the way, I'm not saying do this if you are against this type of thing, but sub niches are based on real life situations of what certain people go through or are gravitated towards, So why not try to cash in on it and have some fun in the areas that make you smile and be happy.

A good example is of mine, I really have a strong interest in drawing fantasy art and monsters, this type of thing could be made into a money making small venture and it is something I have in the pipeline, drawing relaxes me, so if it has that effect for me others will to, try and create angles and benefits for your intended area or expertise, ask yourself what would help others who like what you do?

Finding demand for the information you intend to create can be done by surveying your visitors or those that you interact with in your niche area, forums are the best place to find out problem statements of this nature, this way you are finding out solid information that will shape your business in an affiliate capacity or as an online business. Solutions and the needs of the masses can be fulfilled in almost any business area, so seek out anyone who needs a solution and get to know them better through some good old fashioned communication.

While technical aspects need to be found out about in all honesty as you can't get by online by just an ignorance of web technology, optimized content that is search engine friendly and seo(Search Engine Optimization) techniques really help with your online business for your site to get found and searched thoroughly and also the optimization of each page must be taken into account, because not everyone is going to find you through your home page, so spend sometime on your other pages with good keyword variations that compliment your main keywords.

Back to your money making idea, the one thing that you must provide is value above all else, if you don't have that, you don't have much. So by making your idea focused around a passionate topic or of subject matter you can really get your teeth into, you can bring something enthusiastic to the table and build something solid from there. By giving something for your visitors to do on your website, whether that is subscribing or signing up to your list, buying a product, clicking a link, calls to action are important on any site, because this makes your site interactive and hopefully more popular.

Making money online has several advantages that off line businesses don't get, for one you can start up with low capital and start straight away without having to wait for anything to materialize you just get on with it online, write content now and publish it later, upload pictures, get a web host account with domain name which are fairly inexpensive, like any business a marketing plan is involved but the readiness to start now is far better than a brick and mortar business were you have to wait for loans to be paid to you and the funds to become available and premises to secure.

A single online business idea can be worked out online actually as you are building it, from scratch, from the beginning, cause and effect, writing in your notepad then transferring your content to your site and designing it or getting someone else to, the best thing about starting an internet business is it's quite a quick process, one that takes minimal planning but also long term commitment, a good idea builds over time and the entrepreneur within you is more willing to take risks and experiment with web technology such as web 2.0 and affiliate marketing.

So once you have an idea, don't let it stew, let it out, show it to the world, see what people think, build on it and just try instead of not doing anything remotely unique and interesting, you yourself have a unique take on the world and something to give, so show it to the world!

Ad Revenue Run Down Of The More Popular Earners

Ad revenue is another important income stream that many affiliate marketers use on their websites to add to their internet income, advertising is a really targeted stream of income for anyone who has a website, although it's not for everyone.

But if you're curious about trying any of these then just take a look and try them out.




Amazon Content Links


Some I'm more experienced at using because I've tested them out on other blogs and websites. The best thing to do is test and trial all the ways you could possible feature and optimize these sorts of ads, play around with the positioning of them on your site and just generally experiment with everything to do with your ads customization and other settings.

Content links work quite well within your sites content as deep links that are anchored towards relevant information on your site.

Other one that I have not tried out yet is Chitika but I eventually will try this one out and I just might have a blog in mind to trial it out soon.

Are You A Super Affiliate?

Well are you?

Somewhere in time I bet you want to be, like the rest of us who do affiliate marketing to supplement our normal jobs income we want to build up a level of income that beats any other time wasting real life employment where we work for our money instead of working when we want taking control of our financial and spare time.

Super Affiliates are those special people who are able to promote anything, like selling glasses to a blind man, they have that skill, which is a collection of skills, all these talents come under lots of skill categories such as seo, marketing, writing and other optimized tests of conversions. But the ultimate factor is they make sales regularly an build up multiple streams of income.

Building your super affiliate pathway is beyond the scope of just technical skills, but is more on a par with the entrepreneurs spirit one that involves taking informed risks and doing something each day in marketing and promotions. Having a hand in all the available affiliate campaigns that you are comfortable with is the way to go.

Starting out in affiliate marketing, then this quick video might be for you by Shawn Collins a prolific super affiliate who has a top notch blog, in this video he goes through how he would start in affiliate marketing today - Watch it now if you are a new affiliate!

Learn from those super affiliates that are earning is the only way you can be a super affiliate.

The Super Affiliate Handbook: How Rosalind Gardner Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Building Up An Affiliate Profile Page On Amazon

Amazon has a top promotional method and way of letting people know about you in some subtle little ways, again this is dependent on what you know and what you can demonstrate to use to your advantage with the Amazon associate program combined with these great methods.

Building wish lists can benefit your credibility

But by combining relevant wish lists with relevant reviews you are setting yourself up for some genuine and powerful recommendations yourself, just take a look at some of the most popular products sold on Amazon, typically they have far more reviews than normal product items and reviews often get read because people want to know what other buyers of the product thought of it and quite often more information is spilled about the product in the review process.

I took the chance of creating a quick wish list here of affiliate related books that I just might purchase soon for Christmas or even before - Affiliate Book Amazon Wish List Then when I eventually do buy the books I write very detailed reviews at the available space at the end of product description and the top tip here is to add a little bit more information here than you would normally, this creates a solid recommendation and builds your credibility up and did I mention you should create your Amazon profile and direct it to your main area of expertise - which is your website or blog!

The amount of views and traffic that comes from your profile and reviews if you link your amazon promotions up right through your associate built up links equals affiliate income.

Though this method again does require a concerted effort and a good knowledge and interest for the subject matter at hand.

See an example of my Amazon profile here

Are Amazon affiliate marketing books really any good?

Junk The Junk Affiliates Start With The Good Affiliates

It comes a time within your affiliate journey that you just might need to get rid of some of the programs that aren't converting well in your affiliate marketing plan, I call this quite simply - Junk the crap!.

As an affiliate starter we try and join just about every program there is and we get overwhelmed by the prospect of promoting them all at once, I know I've been there, quite often the best thing a new affiliate could do is start one program at a time, make it successful, then let it run itself and then move on to the next.

But this is a process that must be broken down into easily managed steps for it to work well for you, do you ever start to sculpt a nude statue of Paris Hilton without a reference photo? it'll probably look nothing like her and would just be a nude statue of any women, which will look good anyway, but that's beside my point, breaking things down into easy manageable steps is really the best course of action anyone can do with any affiliate program promotion. By having a reliable back up plan to rely on could also save you the headache of losing time and wasting your effort on junk affiliate programs.

Let's take a look at the popular Clickbank market place for an example. Over there Clickbank has lots of digital products, such as ebooks, software and even membership sites, but if you take a good well informed look and study most of the products there, you will find that over half of them are low quality, quick fix, regurgitated rubbish that has been lifted from other sites in one form or another. The top performing clickbank products that are the bestsellers even may not be quality products, they might just be lead ins to buy something else (back end sales make more for affiliates than most other marketing strategies!)

The signs of a bad junk affiliate program is one were there is no real value and the quality of the product is either not very coherent in the text if it is an ebook or the software itself has numerous bugs and doesn't really match up to what was promised on the sales page, all of these things you should be able to recognize with a little affiliate experience as you go on with it.
Once you keep on top of the affiliate pulse of getting on top of new affiliates that arise in your niche, the better your chances with building up an ongoing relationship with individual affiliate merchants and company affiliates that belong to networks.

Taking your time to weed out the bad affiliates should be a brutal process, set yourself a realistic time frame for it's success, although don't spend too much time on them, unless they convert your affiliate sales into regular ones and maybe in the beginning promote them anonymously so no one can associate the bad recommendation with you if all goes bad, of course this process is a necessity to find out if they are just junk and not a fit for you and your affiliate business.

The good quality affiliate programs are those that don't make outlandish claims and they look very professional in design and offer lots of tools to help you promote them, but they may go beyond the simple tool box approach, they may offer free training on affiliate marketing in the form of a report or ebook and actually provide a way to contact them, if it's part of an affiliate network then an appointed affiliate manager will be on hand to help you out with any support issues you need answering. A good affiliate programs web copy will motivate you and inspire with words of encouragement to help you earn commissions, because if you make a sale, then they earn money too.

On both sides of the affiliate program referring actions it could be argued that the person who refers the sales as the affiliate is merely building someone else's business in return of a percentage and that's fine, because you should always stick to this principal yourself for your own affiliate business, because once you become fairly adept at making affiliate sales and bringing in affiliate checks you can then work in creative ways yourself to earn more money and build your business up too through multiple income streams. Affiliate marketing eventually works both ways, the more you bring in sales for certain merchants the more doors it'll open up for you in the long run.

The old saying of 'would you like fries' brings a prominent meaning to the marketing of related affiliate programs or systems that can be promoted together and that one leads directly into the other for maximum effect in clicks, sales or simple relevancy, typically the old marketing ploy of back end sales and supposed one time offers still works today as most of the guru's swear b it for that high end income stream that turns one sale into 2 to 4, while his form of affiliate marketing shouldn't be ruled out, it should be used sparingly for your best affiliate promotion.

What Is The Affiliate Summit?

Affiliate Summit Event

All image taken from Southwest SEO

It's an important event were affiliate marketers come together and share and network of course.

The Affiliate Summit is a once or twice a year gathering and brings along some great opportunities to network with other affiliate marketers in your niche or not, there are billboards for this and that and lots of people to meet, according to our friends across the pond this is THE affiliate event if you are serious about the internet's affiliate marketing.

I myself have not been to one of the affiliate events yet, but from the looks of the pictures below, I would most certainly like to take a trip out to the affiliate summit!

Affiliate Networking Summit

What is quite evident that there are lots of stalls with many affiliates promoting their programs and some you might have heard of and some you may not have, but what's interesting about these types of events is you can apparently learn quite a lot from networking and mingling with other affiliates out there.
Event For Affiliate Marketers

Find Out More About The Affiliate Summit

Freedom With Affiliate Marketing

Photo by Madddy

The freedom of affiliate marketing really is quite something, once you pass the technical side and the initial start up required with hard work and determination the sky's the limit and quite rightly so, You should try, because working from home is far better than working for someone else who just treats you like an employee (and yes we've all been there!)

To be free in the world of affiliate marketing takes time, build one affiliate website up, promote it, market it, reap the affiliate commissions, continue to analyze the results and move on to the next affiliate website, duplicate the process for each affiliate program and build your affiliate empire.

Also the freedom of affiliate marketing naturally implies that the freedom to choose is yours alone and the niche markets and interests are alone your choice to build yourself around.

More importantly the freedom of affiliate marketing means you don't answer to anyone else (except the tax man, but that's a different matter!)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Choosing An Affiliate Network

When choosing an affiliate network to try and promote your chosen affiliate programs within your network account there are some top tips to think about before you make that decision.

Choosing an affiliate network is a necessary thing to do to put into your affiliate marketing plan, deciding one over another is one of the most important points to add to an ever growing promotional business here online.

Steps or important points to consider before you join a network

What popular brands and recognizable brands are featured within the network?

Is the network quite active with affiliates and even new merchants joining?

How are you paid? - What payment methods are available to you?

How successful are some of the top performing affiliates on a particular network?

Questions like this help you make some decisions, but also by doing your own research into these potential partner affiliate networks you can gain an understanding of what the network represents, also by choosing an affiliate network you can trial and error a certain account for all the tools it may provide, find the top programs in the niche that you are promoting and on your merry way you go.

Today in the affiliate age of the internet we are spoilt for choice with networks of all manner of performance based marketing incentive sites, so make your decision an choose wisely because once you choose an affiliate network an you stick with ongoing promotional activity, it's for life.

Typically though there are other things that are far important to consider like commission structures, affiliate competition and other marketing strategies, but for now just make sure you always do the required homework when starting out to make that choice of choosing an affiliate network.

Affiliate Marketing Niche Markets How To Find Them

Affiliate marketing is a technical skill, but one that starts out life as an idea one that must be derived from popular results and current best selling products currently available.

Below is a video from youtube that shows you more than a few online places to find a niche worth investing some time and effort into with either a ppc campaign or whatever else you can do to promote your chosen niche affiliate products.


Monday, 3 November 2008

Does The Thought Of Earning Money Online Cloud Your Judgement?

Thoughts Of Money Image taken from Flickr

When we start out online in whatever we want to begin to achieve with our blogs, websites, web pages or our own little corner of the internets online publishing, there maybe a top reason why we started all this in the first place and that folks is money!

Money makes the world go around, but imagine earning money whilst doing the things that you love to do online at home,for most of us this is the main problem, we start out with good intentions of building up something great then we try and monetize everything, which is all very nice and a good path to follow, but this has a tendency to cloud our judgement in other areas.

So for instance, when I first started this blog over 2 years ago, I was intitially unsure of the direction starting out and it really started off as an all round earning online blog and it was an unfocused written blog that was purely driven to make money by whatever means, this clouded my judgement in the following areas:-

A) All I thought about was finding affiliate products to promote, regardless of the quality of them, this became the norm for a few weeks when I realised that this did not bring in any money whatsoever.

B) The above action had a negative impact on writing useful content that would benefit people,as no one was going to read affiliate ad after affiliate ad.

C) My motivation suffered as a result of not doing the right thing that took some required effort, thus an updated blog was not maintained for awhile.

Of course there were other elements that clouded my judgement, but I overcame these by not just thinking about the money, of course monetizing your online world is a factor that is in the background, but overall the content has to be a good chunk of applied time and effort to make any website a success.

Over time things progress and become what they are now, still with a few kinks, but far better than before, this blog is an affiliate marketing blog resource that totally focuses on issues surrounding affiliate earning, affiliate news and any other thing that affiliate marketing is and what it means to me and YOU the reader!

So if this post serves as a reminder to anyone that you should not just think about the money, but the marketing, the writing, the editing, and all the other technical skills you may need to make your online world a truthful vision, one that stays true to you and what you are about!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Top Tip For Video Affiliate Marketing On A Budget

Though my video marketing abilities are slightly shaky myself, I have embraced the idea of video marketing as a traffic generation tool, but also as a means to promote affiliate promotions for affiliate earnings to increase, the main video uploading and sharing sites like Youtube,google video,Metacafe, Revver and many more are the obvious top choices for your affiliate marketing campaigns to be successful.

But it seems that video marketing is embracing more and more the web 2.0 and social scenes more, by being able to embed videos just about anywhere on the internet, through the use of easy to copy and paste embed code from various viral applications, for instance there is a site called, which is a naturally free application which you can submit videos to and these will be automatically submitted to over twelve of the high traffic video sharing sites with the option of tracking the results through an account interface much like Googles own analytics.

Now just imagine if like all of your other promotions that you plan out in advance, you make the time to create really short videos for each of your separate affiliate programs, each day or within a set time frame, your traffic will build far quicker with video marketing alone, but combined with all of your other affiliate marketing methods you will drive far more traffic to your affiliated offers than other affiliate merchants and publishers in quick time.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

PepperJam Network Launches Storebuilder!

Finally Pepperjam have released the store builder portion of their affiliate network for affiliate publishers to create and customize a small store front from selected merchant product feeds within your account.

I have tried this out and the store builder is easy to use and you create a quick store with many pages, they may need to in a future release though add some kind of extra customization features such as size formats and things like that, but I am really happy about the storebuilder for now until it goes through the usual process of Beta for all the Pepperjam affiliates.

Plus if you aren't really that technical working with the raw data feeds that most affiliate networks and merchants provide, then this tool is for you most certainly!!

If you've never heard of the Pepperjam network you can sign up here! Pepperjam Affiliate Network

Thursday, 23 October 2008

An Interesting Affiliate Discussion Forum

Throughout my online marketing in affiliate marketing, I came across an affiliate marketing forum that discusses almost every aspect of affiliate programs, affiliate networks and affiliate earning methods.

A lot of the affiliate merchants and managers frequent the forums often ready to answer your affiliate question and problems you may have so join for free and find out what you've been missing at the A Best Web Discussion Forums

I've only just started there, so meet me on there if you wish, my user name is really original as Wayne Tully!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Affiliate Banner Positioning Placements

Realistically banners don't often convert very well in affiliate marketing, but they can be used in a variety of creative ways that could potentially earn you some hard earned affiliate commissions and also the placement of your banners could be a key factor of your banner campaigns.

I tend to look at banners as extensions of a product or service, a way to show that a business is serious an professional in it's approach with a quality graphic that displays the product brand, logo and motto. Banners can be used in a variety of creative ways in newsletters, email messages and mini websites to name a few, content relevancy comes into play here again as your banners must be totally relevant to your site as a whole and not steer away from your business brand.

In a blog for example, banners could be placed in the sidebar, although there is some debate as to the effectiveness of certain sizes of banner types, but the use of multiple banners that crowd and clutter your sidebar may not be worth it. Instead one skyscraper banner ad may prove better over three or four square banners that would have fit into the skyscraper banner.

If your blog is specifically for one affiliate program, then this could work better than anything else because your targeted content is written specifically for your single affiliate promotion and your skyscraper ad therefore would match more highly for relevancy.

On websites and other web pages, the wide format of banners could be used more in the form of a header graphic at the top of the page or as a footer to the page, these could prove quite effective, again if highly relevant so that your content leads into a banner to click, at the en of an article or content much like a text link, banners could help to visually split up the content and make it more scan-able.

Small micro banners are increasingly being used as powered by logo's which serve as banner logos to show what website, webhost or online publishing site you use for your affiliate website (Tip cheeky affiliate links work well here!)

What banner positions do you place your banners and why?

Sunday, 19 October 2008

14 Ways To Promote An Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing brings with it all sorts of marketing obstacles, but if you know what you are doing and what to o it's just a case of doing it really!

Here is 14 ways I would promote an affiliate link for your best affiliate program, your top converting affiliate program deserves the best marketing potential and these methods are all good ways that have been used over and over with high results more affiliates from all over the world.

Just remember the more creative you are and not run of the mill you will be far more successful than most affiliates....Two tier affiliate programs anyone?

1. An Email List

If you have an email list and a few subscribers, it is worth creating a email series that targets your main affiliate product topic and write some useful content around it, with your affiliate links placed within the content, you could leverage your expertise here and build some trust along the way and income, but you do have to grow your subscriber list for this method to be effective, so now a good time to start!

2. Create A Report

Create a free report, pdf or online report, about or closely related to the product you are promoting and place your affiliate link within, the content that you write about will help build you up an the product, providing more information and customers are likely to buy from you or at the very least visit your website from the link you put in your report.

3. A Domain Name Link

By having your own domain name for each affiliate will help you build some professional links too within link directories, so find as many free link directories as possible and submit your links in the categories for your site.

4. An article or blog post, website content place a keyword text link that is highly relevant within the content of your articles, not really needing to be prominent links, just deep within the content information, this provides somewhere for your readers to click and follow on from your useful information.

5. Craigslist Ad - Writing a Craigslist ad to target the classified ad searchers and provide a small introduction to your affiliate offer, this is a quick and easy way of driving some traffic to your affiliate promotion if you write with search engine optimization in mind and the searchers who will find your ad if you add the right keywords.

6. Focused Blog/Website
- Create a targeted and specific blog or website which concentrates it's focus on one affiliate program alone and you could write articles around your affiliate product and subject far more convincingly plus you could build up your reviews and recommendations over time with valuable and targeted content.

7. Write a detailed review, one that explains the benefits and everything possible for people to make their own minds up about buying your promoted product, this follows on from having your own blog or website really, but it is extremely effective.

8. Your own web hosting account - Having your own web hosting account for your affiliate campaigns and promotions works particularly well for html and php redirects and other things like domain forwarding of your affiliate links and other redirection techniques.

9. Joining forums
- Related forums of the niche that your intended customers hang out in, spamming is not an option here, but rather get to know other people, the top users in the forum, answer questions find potential networks or partnerships that will benefit you and your promotions later on.

10. Blog Commenting - A comment on a related blog or blog post, try and go for the do-follow comment boxes if you can, but even so a well commented blog works just as good to be a part of the discussion early on, just like in the forums.

11. Email signatures
- Attach your best converting affiliate link to your outgoing email, every time you send and email out make sure it is highly relevant to whatever you are emailing, this provides and extra process for you to receive some traffic off your everyday emailing.

12. Social network profiles - Build up a few social networks on your profile page and add a couple of targeted links for new friends to come and check out, building communities are one of the top ways of driving your affiliate income upwards just like through blogs and forums.

13. Article Writing - Write articles and submit them to article directories (affiliate links are not usually allowed within article directories) so have a good portion of your articles content or the other side as it were, so that you can provide a valid doorway into your affiliate promotion through great content.

14. Joint Ventures
- Joint venture with a business partner, who has a similar site, but not in the exact same market or in direct competition as you, and all you do is swap affiliate links or auto responder emails, which in turn meas you are promoting each other stuff, but what is really effective if one of you has the bigger subscriber list, this could be a good partnership method for targeted affiliate link marketing.

What other methods would you suggest to drive traffic through your affiliate link?

* See also - 14 Alternate Ways For Affiliate Marketing Success

Shareasale Affiliate Network Review is one of the premier affiliate networks that you can use to set up base as an affiliate marketer of whatever affiliate programs you wish.

This is the page were you can search and join the available affiliate programs, bare in mind that the few pay per click programs, you have to have a full account and that is when you have earnt your first check. Learn how Shareasale can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.

All the tracking is included within your account with lots of features to add to your affiliate marketing experience, I recommend you use as much as possible, so that you can maximize your affiliate campaigns and money made with affiliate programs.

The other useful affiliate tools that are in your Shareasale affiliate network account are as follows:-

Your affiliate activity and reports statistics
- These are great for finding out what links and affiliate programs got clicks and more important sales, you should get to know your shareasale stats intimately.

Locate Merchants on the Shareasale network, see what deals they have to offer and build affiliate relationships with affiliate merchants.

Get Your Promotional Links - Find all the links and promotional tools that your chosen merchants have to help each individual affiliate earn commissions, banners, text links, data feeds, videos, widgets or even use the create a page tool for a page full of products.
Also find out if some of your links are out of date with the invalid link report just like at Commission Junction links will appear in your account when they are clicked on and they are indeed invalid.

Tools Section
- is also worth a look for advanced affiliate methods with rss feeds and the integration of the deals database with rss or xml, and using the video builder to create videos from your existing video footage recorded elsewhere, plus support from the shareasale forum.

What I find really good is a small section below your account table showing links to seasonal holiday promotions which I recommend everyone should have in their affiliate portfolio

Friday, 17 October 2008

Set Up A Couple Of Seasonal Affiliate Campaigns

Seasonal affiliate campaigns should be worked out in advance and added to on a regular basis, updates are made to keep the content fresh and affiliate links working correctly.

A handful of seasonal affiliate promotions work well in times of slow income when your other affiliate programs may slump slightly throughout the year, so for example seasonal means something an event or holiday that only happens once a year can be accounted for by planning beforehand with your affiliate promotional campaigns.

Halloween, Christmas and Thanks Giving are a couple of examples, but also what about themed year round promotions on birthdays, things like this have long term income involved if you do it right, and residual income is what affiliate marketers should include in their online earnings portfolio.

Side earnings are always best earned on the side of your main promotions, ones which take minimal though, moderate planning, but effectively they run themselves with little supervision.

I have recently taken time out to promote a collection of halloween lenses on squidoo as an example for our purposes here, the first one of these niche specific seasonal lenses halloweencostumes4u is not perfect, but it's a start, one that could improve with time each year, this is how your affiliate promotions happen, they are built, refined, optimized and fine tuned to what works.

So remember seasonal could also mean other things like:-

* Easter
* Valentines Day
* Country Specific Holidays
* National Whatever Days
* New Year
* Sports Events
* Anniversaries Of Any Kind
* Parties And Celebrations

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Revenue Sharing Sites And What To Use For Your Affiliate Campaigns

Revenue sharing sites are nothing new for anyone wanting to earn online, freelancing becomes the top priority for these revenue sharing sites, but how do you start to earn online from them?

Share Your Photos, Video And Blog Content and earn from doing so, I'm sure you've heard this before online, this is the evolution of the internet, almost everyone wants to earn online from doing what they do anyway, by chatting and uploading photos and all that social networking stuff.

Writing what you know and what you can easily share online with others is one of the main appeals of writing to earn, although revenue sharing means you are sharing revenue with the site owners of that particular website, but the more you write and establish your niche corner or voice the better your online earnings in a sense.

Revenue sharing sites could be used with your affiliate marketing campaigns too to monetize your revenue share income that you recieve from your writing.

Other revenue sites may not allow additional affiliate links as this may be part of their own policies or specific terms of service on the matter, but it is worth trying to see if adding relevant affiliate links within your content could be an effective monetization method for your additional affiliate promotions.

I am currenty experimenting with a few revenue sharing sites here and there so I could give you an idea of what to use for yourself, some are good, some are just not that good, but if you are writing content and are good at it in some way, why not give it a go.

Here are the revenue sites I currently write for, so if you can find one or tw and go with them you have a good idea of what you are getting yourself into, also if you feel like it is too much writing to do on a regular basis, then you can do several articles that are solid top articles and have them link back to your site.




Out of the ones above I frequently link some of my articles together if they are relevant so that they build a sort of network of relevant and further content, Hubpages is great for this, plus as Hubpages and Squidoo are authority sites then these seem to get more traffic for me.

Revenue sharing sites should be used as part of your affiliate marketing strategy in some way that best fits your own schedule.

Amazon Associate Control Panel Gets A Face Lift

Throughout the time I have been using amazon as an affiliate or as Amazon itself refers to us affiliates as associates, I have been really impressed with the control panel that they provided, it had everything you could need, reports on all of your 100 astore id's, banners, links and specific widgets to promote any product within the Amazon product database, but now they have updated and improved much on the layout of the control panel due to extensive customer feedback of it's use by amazon affiliates.

Now they have a tool called site stripe which you can link up from any amazon page when you yourself are viewing or searching for any amazon items, this makes it far quicker to link to the right product items and quickly embed links into your content on your blog for example, also the layout of all the tabs and other promotional tools are all laid out at the top rather than just the side which was as it was previous, this way you can find and locate certain things that much quicker and also build your affiliate campaigns faster too.

Plus you can add links to your affiliate astores direct from Amazons main website, making it far easier to add product links from any page and any product straight to your amazon astore - which is your mini affiliate store.

I'll keep you more informed of the latest updates soon, until I've had a chance to play around with them.

If you have not joined Amazon as an affiliate yet, I highly recommend you do as it is free like it should be and it's a great training ground for all the affiliate tools and practice runs for being a super affiliate.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Recession Equals More Profit Online

While the title of this post may confuse you and throw you off the idea and mind bend your nuts, as how the hell can you earn more in the times of recession and inflation in certain corners of the affiliate markets?

It's a simple notion to realize, when in times of economic meltdown or financial hardship, things fluctuate greatly, as people try harder to either save money and earn some extra money too or work longer hours within their regular job, it's an easy thought to think about in terms of your financial status.

Think about it, would you rather do work that is low pay, normal pay or were you have to be part of the daily grind and your job isn't safe, people now what with the financial crisis are losing their jobs and the future looks unclear, but in these times you can take advantage of this and start to work towards a goal of working on your own terms, one that only requires your effort and input.

It's only through troubled times can you be set on the right path, my path is clear now, is yours?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Single Affiliate Promotion Start Up!

I have been going through my many promotions and I thought I'd share with you a simple plan of action for starting to earn through an affiliate program and following through with actually gaining new customers and affiliate commissions.

Now before I start, my affiliate campaigns are based solely on trial and error and a lot of research in the area of affiliate marketing, so I'm no way a top expert, but rather a conditioned professional(eh?)

Finding an affiliate program, product or service

Now to start off with I assume you know that affiliate marketing if done right can and will require a lot of effort, but once you have one affiliate campaign up and running, then in theory you move onto the next affiliate campaign, either to compliment your existing affiliate promotion or within a completely new niche market area.

Affiliate products can be found anywhere
, in affiliate networks, a search on Google or your favourite top marketing guru ( They are happy clapping affiliate marketers at heart!)
At first try to find your affiliate program or product within your own area of expertise, because if you do that you reinforce your own strengths and capabilities and the stronger your product reviews and affiliate content will be for your campaign.

Only once you have your affiliate product in line with your affiliate plan can you proceed to the actual affiliate marketing core of promotions, by using a handful of diverse marketing methods you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin, but if you plan your marketing outright, there should be no reason why this method will not work to your advantage.

All the top methods for online marketing include in no particular order:

Article marketing

Link Submission

Email Marketing

Content Reviews

Joint Ventures



In between these there will be other top marketing golden nuggets that you might become an expert at, but one that I highly recommend you start to try and have a go at is affiliate marketing within social media sites, because this way of using affiliate marketing can be quite lucrative and also creative if you soon realize that spamming is not the way to go inside of the most popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.

Whatever collections of methods you choose to market your chosen affiliate programs, you need to know every possible outcome and result from your efforts and you find this information out through website stats, most webhosting accounts come with a control panel that has a web stats package, but some find these inaccurate at the best of times, so the free Google analytics script may be used to find all of the conversion metrics and other stats information about your search engine visitors, keyword arrivals, daily hits, clicks and bounce rates.

By analyzing your results you are off to a better start with all of your online promotions if you know what keywords people are using to find your site and whatever else, by building relevant affiliate links over time within your sites content you are increasing your chances of building your affiliate earnings in the long run.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online

More New Affiliate Networks Tracked On Affmeter Pro

Affmeter an affiliate revenue statistics site has included up to 13 more affiliate networks to earn from and check the statistics through their premier program Affmeter Pro

here are the follwing affiliate networks that have been included:

* AvantLink
* CPA Empire
* DGM Australia
* Forex-Affiliate
* Pepperjam Network
* Share Results
* Trienta Affiliates-UK

There are some I recognize, but some have slipped passed my affiliate radar, so it is worth checking out all the available affiliate networks, to see what could be a fit for your affiliate promotions.

You can find out more at the affmeter website

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Mass Affiliate Marketing Or Super Affiliate Status?

When it comes to the act of affiliate marketing, there are two types of affiliate at play, one that promotes every affiliate program they can blindly and hardly makes any affiliate commissions or the other is the type of affiliate you dream about being, where you file away all of your affiliate promotions into tiny little folders in your bookmarks because you planned everything for your affiliate business and you are earning from our efforts each day, this is the mark of the The Super Affiliate.

Affiliate strategies
make the most of your affiliate earning online and he play a vital structure to your affiliate business.

Mass affiliate marketing has to be a planned method of promotion, to have all o your promotions all planned out and laid out in online files and offline notebooks.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Ebay Affiliate Tips

When you become an ebay affiliate you have to take into consideration of the facts of affiliate marketing, the techniques involved in your affiliate earning, here I will go into some of the more important tips to do with your ebay affiliate promotions.

Using the rss feeds, these are the quick feeds that web savvy people use to subscribe to a particular content feed such as a blog or quality website, but in turn you can use an ebay product search feed to add to many public feed readers and other functions online to create rss ads on web pages, so this creates an updating feed of current auctions on your website. Rss feeds you will be seeing lots more of these with affiliate vendors in the future.

The simple affiliate stats dashboard analysis is easy to use to determine what clicks originated on what pages of your sites and the sales that you make, it gives you the options of tracking down by use of simple date based formats to find the information that you need.

Although most affiliate programs do provide affiliate stats as part of their affiliate tools, but this is far simplified affiliate stats than the ones previously at commission junction were the previous ebay affiliate program resided.

One of the best things I like about the ebay affiliate program, just like the Amazon program for affiliate earning is the simplicity of the promotions, you just seem to plug them in with relevant content on your site and the features of some of the tools just work.

The links generator is one of the simplest tools to create trackable links to any landing page on the ebay affiliate network site, so for example you could target a specific link to a relevant category on a page that has auction items that are niche specific. so to show you I have created an example here affiliate marketing with the keyword text link.

Also when you join the Ebay affiliate program you can target other geo targeted countries that run the ebay affiliate program, this could provide more earning opportunities for your affiliate promotions

The editor kit is perhaps the best out of the lot, as you can create a banner type list of currently running ebay auctions base on the keywords that are relevant to your content or website/blog, so you could write an informative post and include a relevant editor kit listing at the en of the post, or if you want to be using ebay as one of your primary promotional affiliate programs, you could add it in between blog posts, with an ebay listing blog post.

The quick banners are a soon to be released feature that will show live flash based listing customized to your keyword specifics and other optional preferences, all in all the ebay affiliate program is up there in my affiliate top ten of earners and managing your affiliates has never been easier.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Ebay Affiliate Auctions Running Now

What follows is a view of the ebay to go tool from the ebay network affiliate program, this is how this affiliate link will look and you can tailor the results to your specific keywords and choose other templates.

Now what I like about this affiliate tool is the fact that all the specific affiliate products are all bunched and listed together instead of a typical banner product list format, and the products appear in like a mini store or online shop window, so when you hover over a specific product you bring up the title of that product item.

I'm really enthusiastic about this affiliate tool for ebay as I am currently testing this out, I will see how well it converts on my other sites and blogs.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Affiliate Marketing And Profiting Resources

The secret to earning online is to find one product that is going to help you on your way, resources come in all shapes and sizes, free or paid, it's up to you what you pay for and if you find them of great value.

Affiliate earning has reached an all time high as has internet marketing, earning online has never looked so good as an industry, so now is the time to take advantage of the most relevant affiliate and earning opportunities that the internet has to offer.

Digital e-books and e-courses and seminars are all the learning resources that you can study to build your online earnings to your own preference.

Affiliate Marketing Resources

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Set up your own Affiliate Amazon Online Store

As an active hubpage member I thought I would direct you to the reasons to start using and building an Amazon affiliate store.

And before you think that earning from amazon is small fry, think again, Amazon is a world leader in online sales and the affiliate program has been around since 1996, which makes it one of the original affiliate programs of it's time.

Set up your own amazon online store

Monday, 8 September 2008

How To Be A Smooth Online Marketer

Online marketing is fine when you know how to market online, but how do you do it effortlessly? What do you need to have that others don't have, Well let me tell you, not alot!!

You see online, there are many marketers who struggle with such things as self confidence, self doubt and also a lack of knowledge about marketing and other technical areas of an online business management, they find it hard to relate to the world of an online marketer at first, particulalry when they are not accustomed to it and area scared of it.

The start of any marketing that is to do with an online business it normally starts out hard and complicated to the unitiated.

But with confidence in your own abilities and your business sense, you can achieve what you want with an online business of your own choosing, excelling with what you already know and using them skills to further your ideas and further brand yourself as an expert are the main objective of any online venture.

By branding yourself and your business early on in the business creation stage you are getting ahead of others who are not doing so and you are also bypassing the time wasters who don't take action of all that is needed to take your online business to the next level and that would be a sustainable online presence and business.

By also being confident in all aspects of an online business you are also giving the impression to your customers that you are confident too and also may give the impression that you are a large business, even if it's just you on your own.

Part of being a smooth operator online is knowing all the parts of your business and how each part affects and interacts with your customers, the content on your website, the payment processes, right through to your customer service and email communications after the purchase.
So part of being a good online business operator is to value your customer and always strive to be better at communicating with them each time and that much more effectively.

Pepperjam Affiliate Networking, More Ads For Affiliate Profits

Affiliate networks are very easy to earn from once you have an established site or blog, they appear as like an affiliate window with access to niche affiliate programs you can load into ad banners, links and other promotional content on your site.

PepperJamNetwork is one of those that reach out to publishers of online content, that want to build up another stream of revenue for their online efforts, you can create a mashed banner of affiliate programs, with relevant ads if you wish, and these would appear in the form of ads much like google adsense in any format that you choose.

Each affiliate that you add to your marketing promotions from the Pepper Jam Network, has their own banners and unique affiliate links, that help to promote your own affiliate links, and you can track the clicks, leads and sales in your free account.

If you are familiar with other commission based affiliate networks like Linkshare and Commission Junction, then you will know what to do with this one.

Join The Pepper Jam Network And see what you can do to improve your affiliate earnings online.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Affiliate Earnings: What Are Yours Like?

Are your affiliate earnings what you hoped to achieve when you first started out with affiliate programs or ones that promised to earn or be a high paying affiliate program?

You are not alone, it seems that more and more people start out with good intentions of earning revenue from the affiliate networks, but they often get misguided or just fail at every turn, I see myself slowly picking things up from what I have learnt and am building some regular income from a few well placed affiliate promotions, it does take time, but you can do it with a little patience too!

By taking a look in the affiliate directories for any number of affiliate program you are opening up the potential to earn from that affiliate promotion, if you take a course in affiliate marketing or find a free course online, then you are going to be on the road to building an income online for your troubles.

What you may have to consider is when weighing up whether to get a webhost account and a domain name you may have to justify it by seeing it as an investment, that will be made back in time, or each month by regular recurring affiliate commissions.

When I first earnt an affiliate commission, which was from the build a niche software, I was extremely happy and cast the doubt out of my mind as to whether I was wasting my time doing all of this affiliate marketing business, this in fact spurred me on to try and earn more commissions, whilst at the start I had joined every affiliate program that there ever seemed to be, which slowed me down in my affiliate journey, but this is normal, it is only when you realize that to shelve most of the other stuff that hasn't worked yet and save it for another day and concentrate on the few earnings you made on a couple of affiliate products and services.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept to understand, but does take some required effort.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Earning Online:Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Affiliate Marketing online is one of the internets powerful earning methods, to think about earning online is easy, but to actually do that takes a little time and effort and to figure out how to market a relevant product online takes a little know how, but with the right attitude you can build an affiliate business were you don't hold any actual products, you just promote and build your affiliate campaign from the ground up through an approved affiliate scheme.

How to market your chosen affiliate program

Is it a quality product?

You need to see if the product is a good one to promote and one that is worth your time to promote, you can usually find out what the product is about on the sales page and the layout of the pitch page you can often tell if it's professionally done or not with a good header graphic and good sales copy.

The copy really reflects the value of the product or service relating all the benefits in an informed way, so the customer knows what they are going to buy, a good graphic of the product is a good indicator of whether the website owner is serious about the validity of the product and the professional nature of their own online business.

Also if you can when a new affiliate product comes up and it fits your websites content quite nicely, then it's best to jump on promoting straight away and beginning your affiliate promotion of this as soon as possible, because after awhile there will be too many affiliates promoting the same product, the affiliate campaign becomes saturated for this product and makes it harder for the newer affiliate to earn anything from this affiliate program.

Super affiliates usually take over some affiliate programs and dominate them so no one else gets a look in, which is great for the super affiliate but not fair for the new affiliates, but this is often the case with affiliate programs, they just end up being traffic generators and nothing much else after many members promote it.

One tip I can suggest is to sign up for as many affiliate networks as possible, as at these places you will find lots of promotions to earn from and there are new ones being added all the time.

Currently there are a good handful of affiliate networks to choose your affiliate products from:

Commission Junction



Trade Doubler

Affiliate Window


And it's the above ones you can use to drive your affiliate business forward.

One that's rising through the ranks as a good affiliate network is The Pepper Jam Network A good network for affiliates always has a good tracking system for your affiliate campaigns, sid and tid are the main tracking id's for adding a custom tracking word or phrase to track the origin of a sale or lead.

What comes next after finding a good affiliate to promote?

Well a plan of promotion is always a good idea, researching a list of all the free link directories, free forums and free to join social networks and start your link building strategy, don't forget the best out of the lot, article directories, this is were you submit your best articles with a link back to your website and potentially other bloggers and webmasters will link to your article and reprint it on their web platform.

Many webmaster affiliates have that many choices to promote their content and recommendations and then they find that they are found in all sorts of different places on the web with the right search engine optimization, all though no one appreciates spam, it is more generally considered to find an interested party or group that can be targeted for that particular affiliate product.

Some of the top affiliate programs are credit card affiliates and webhosting affiliates, so try and go for the high earning affiliates if possible.

Update: Affiliate Bot is my top earning affiliate network now and I thought I'd add that to this post, as usual there is tracking and stats for every promotion you join as an affiliate, so you can best determine your results and make decisions based on these deciding factors.