Friday, 30 January 2009

Why Do Affiliates Sign Up Then Do Not Promote?

I saw this post in the affiliates4u forum and just couldn't resist a blog post about this very question.

First of all I am guilty of this myself, but not from the reasons of lazyness, If I like an affiliate program, I usually sign up for it and then keep it in an archived affiliate file, so I can fit this promotion later on in a campaign.

I guess alot of people do not start for many reasons,but perhaps the main reasons are outlined below:

1. Not enough time in the day, we all get our time management a little unplanned here and there.
2. Too daunting, the prospect of starting an affiliate campaign that others may do better than you.
3. People sign up for it, drawn in by the earning aspect and then realise they don't know how to market and just give up.
4. They just realise affiliate marketing isn't for them.
5. They just forget they signed up!!!

There could be many other reasons, such as technical know how and just the confidence with online internet business that many people may feel they need to grasp before they take it seriously.

The process of affiliate marketing is and should be a progressive one that is your own business and a business that should be treated as such, a lot of planning should take place for each new affiliate program you sign up for, because each affiliate program demands specific promotional strategies.

So next time you sign up for an affiliate program, make sure yu take the time to plan the marketing of it and set it up, so that it runs on autopilot if possible.

This is what other affiliate marketers do and they move onto the next program, to build their income up through varying residual income affiliate programs as an ever growing business in multiple niches.