Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Power Of Blogging And Earning Profits Online Combined

Trying to earn online there are several methods, but one of the easiest ways of setting things up is with a blog, finding your topic and writing unique and original content about your main topic.

The Niche Data Base is a unique place where you can find unique niche market content, find everything you can on your niche or one that interests you as a blog niche option.

Branding your ideas and the fact that they are actually written by you and that you are an expert is what you want to achieve with your blog, but what about earning money from your blog, how is this possible?

Several methods include the most popular such as Adsense, but then there are other methods of CPA ads you can place on your blogs, also you could get paying advertisers to pay you a set fee for a limited amount of time, these could be sponsored advertisements that pay you residually how ever long the advertiser wants to keep their ad on your blog.

Blogging 101- Blogging Your Way To Profits!

This method of blog paid advertising relies heavily on quite a lot of traffic from visitors to your blog and of course to get advertisers you need to be displaying your subscriber stats and as much information as possible relating to your traffic to prove that you are getting or have a good amount of readers and have not fiddled the numbers!

Feedburner is a good statistical counter of your subscribers to your RSS feed, so find the code to add your reader stats to your blog, this is the first type of information that advertisers will look for.

Also you may want to add a seperate page that will go over your advertising package and what you offer, this type of page does not have to be fancy or anything, just set out the details of what you offer, I would get this page done as soon as you have a blog and regularly update it later on, once you have built up more traffic you review it every now and again, to see if it is still correct.

Whenever you review pages or blog posts, this is called an audit and this means you go through the page in detail, maybe ask feedback from your visitors and find out what they might suggest to make it clearer or what they don't like about the page, reader feedback is essential for your future blogs success!

Earning profits online in other ways

Creating a product around your niche or topic is one great way of earning from your blogging, and it is much easier to do this with simple payment processors as Paypal or even clickbank or Paydotcom with Clickbank you have to pay a fee for the priviledge of adding your product to the clickbank payment system.

Combining income streams is an effective way of building up your income with your blogging, but this should be done one income stream at a time, as you need to measure each streams results to see what doesn't work and what does.

As a researcher in this field myself and a continual learner in earning online methods I am finding out that without traffic and indeed(obviously a readership!)visitors you will not make much money at all, the first stages of blogging are writing a good amount of content, then finding other similar blogs to yours and building up relationships with these bloggers, this brings in more readers eventually, but don't expect this overnight, it takes a good 3 to 6 months for this to take effect or be noticable and be aware that your feed stats will fluctuate each day and is not a totally accurate count but it serves the purpose of showing the count as is and nothing more!

Bloggers - Earn between $20 to $200 with

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Is it Possible To Earn From Blogging?

Blogging brings with it a sense of how?
What do you need to be doing in blogging? and what is the best way forward?

Well for one an interest in information and writing is the key!

Realising your own interests and inspirations is the way of building up a great blog about the content that really matters to you, finding your audience and building a community on your topics are what makes a blog something special.

If you are familiar with blogs like problogger and entrepreneurs Journey, then you will know that regular and fresh updated content makes a considerable amount of difference for the success of your blog, as does the effects of communicating with your niche community.

Blogs success can be achieved on a long term basis or a short term basis on how much work you are willing to put in, and this work does not simply cover writing, it is effectively reaching out to your readers and finding out what they think and want to read about, plus also who they are and what they can do for you and your readership.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Google Goldmine

Make Fast Cash, Work Your Own Hours just 3-6 Hours a Week! Order Google Gold Mine Today!

This is a fairly new software that you can use to work from home, it claims to make you fast cash, although you need to be motivated and put some time and effort in the beginning to make it work, like anything online, there is no easy solution to earning online, just go with it and see what works.

Of course what works for one does not work for another.

I do not know if Google endorses this software, maybe someone out there might know, I may just try this and review it here for everyone, or if someone else wants to review it, then share the comments here.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Researching A Clickbank Product For The Benefits

When it comes to be a reseller for clickbank or an affiliate for that matter, you really need to study that sales page for that affiliate product that you want to earn affiliate commissions for, there are key areas of that sales page that matter to the potential customer and the product creator, the customer wants something that is going to help them and solve their problem, that they have searched online for, and then the product creator wants to make a sale from targeted visitors that reach their sales page and also help people with their new product.

The things that are most important on a sales page are:

A description that is easily understood of what the product actually is!

The benefits of that product, What it will do for the buyer!

How much they are charging and that it is stated clearly!

A guarantee of some sort, just in case!

Any bonuses or time limited discounts!

These points should be included in your recommendations or reviews of the product, either on your website or blog and you really need to focus on an honest review of the product, maybe you have an email list that you want to communicate with your subscribers or audience this way.

Taking a look through the Clickbank marketplace you will find allsorts of niche targeted products such as ebooks and even full memberships with recurring income for the affiliate, again it might come down to how well the sales page has been written, if it is true to the promises that it says the product will deliver, that's why sometimes it is best to own the product you are promoting as it makes it easier to recommend.

I tend to go with an affiliate product that tells a story at the start of the sales page and then leads into the benefits and actual descriptions of the product, then it might tell you how the product creator has built up their business by using this method of theirs, that sort of thing!

Of course there are certain marketers out there who have no intention of really helping people, they just want to get the money, which is fine, but established success is built on top of being an expert or being percieved as an expert.

So always look deep into the sales page, look past beyond the hype, find the benefits, get a grasp on what the product does, and get your marketing head out of the sand!

It's Clickbank Time

3 Ways Of Using Clickbank To It's Maximum Profitability: Part 2

Second - Seeking Out Potential Networking And Advertising Opportunities For Your Clickbank Promotions

Alot has been said about social networking and web 2.0 online and this is where you should start, find as many social networks as you can and build your brand within the communities at these social networks, I would split your promotions into sections and only promote at least one or two clickbank products at each social site, you don't want to be labelled as a spammer!

Alternatively you can just have seperate accounts with different email addresses, this way you can keep track of all of your promotions and marketing activity.

See what Clickbank the site looks like and a few of the sites features here, reviewed by someone who knows what he is talking about -

Within each social network you will find relevant sub communities and targeted individuals who are in your niche, it's just reaching out to them or sprinkling the bread crumbs so that they find you and your media profile page.

And what you need to do is draw these readers in, you could do this in many ways, and they all involve some effort.... And you guessed it "time"

Commenting and joining in other peoples discussions and debates are what social networks are all about, being part of an online discussion that is if the people are online at the same time, then this provides the opportunity for a real time discussion that happens at the time, there and then, this is highly valuable and really enjoyable, especially when you have something good to say and others do to.

You would do this same method on your blog if you have one too, blogs are really just an interactive tool for reaching out to your niche market and reader base and expressing your thoughts and ideas to interested readers!

Once you connect with other like minded people, then your job becomes easier as you may find that you have other joint advertising deals or link exchanges or guest posts on your blog or other help from your new found communities, think about it, when you are all alone starting out online and then you finally find out that being online is not a lonely process after all, then you seem to do more online and have fun in the process of being a Clickbank affiliate or publisher.

Third - Test Everything That Can Be Tested

You may have heard that split testing your affiliate campaigns also helps you convert your efforts into profits, and this is quite true, especially if you know what to look for when you analyze your traffic, clicks and other stats.

Trial and error or just plain experimentation can also help you find the best ways of promoting and earning you more money in your online ventures, whether it's Google adsense or you want to split test your sign up box to see what works best, a pop up form or a static opt in form, you can do all this to help you in the beginning and even later on, the testing does not stop, why should it?, constant testing and tweaking to your promotions should always be at the forefront of your mind, seeing what works as the ultimate best option.

Simple content layout or site design can impact your views or site performance in terms of clicks and other statistical elements, people want to find out information for what they are searching and if they find what they are looking for and the it's not easy to read then they may disappear and never return to your blog or site again.

List the benefits of your recommendations as bullet points or a list, this clearly illustrates your main points, especially if someone just skims through your article or post, they will see this list of important points and read them.

Friday, 11 July 2008

3 Ways Of Using Clickbank To It's Maximum Profitability: Part 1

Over the years I have seen marketers and internet marketers especially, create new ways of telling everyone the same information about a certain thing and I also thought, what about Clickbank? Why is is that Clickbank gets a lot of special mentioning with these internet marketers, but they never explain the real strategies and only try to sell you something first?

Well for one if you have no products whatsoever in the beginning, then you can sign up to Clickbank for free, just to promote a couple of highly relevant products, that are tailored to your sites content, then from there you might build up a load of knowledge in a certain area and decide, well I have earned a bit as an affiliate, now I want to become a publisher and create and add a product for others to promote, which this in itself is a wise choice, but also a brave one!

So to start off I would like to go through 3 of the best ways to use Clickbank for it's maximum effect or profitability, and that is to earn you money!!

First - Selecting Your Niche

A niche market is when you have a good amount of knowledge in a key area that you can show valuable and indeed credible content to others who may be searching for it online, so to start off, find your niche, it may be something you already do or are quite knowledgeable in anyway, so start off here and work to to build your knowledge in areas of your niche that you feel may be lacking.

Start to write, blog, network in social media sites, and chat and comment in relevant places.

Then whilst doing this you can be getting to work on a really useful report that you can either give away or sell for whatever you want, you could place the clickbank affiliate links, links to your site in it and generally include really valuable information for others to read!

Content boosts your online status from no one, into an expert over time so keep at this and you will have followers or actual readers you can interact with!

Read more in Part 2 of this Clickbank Special

Clickbank has the potential, if you do it right to earn you a significant income over time, I recently blogged about a resource that teaches you all about the Clickbank millions formula and it's only $7...Clickbank Secrets Of The Millions

Friday, 4 July 2008

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