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3 Ways Of Using Clickbank To It's Maximum Profitability: Part 2

Second - Seeking Out Potential Networking And Advertising Opportunities For Your Clickbank Promotions

Alot has been said about social networking and web 2.0 online and this is where you should start, find as many social networks as you can and build your brand within the communities at these social networks, I would split your promotions into sections and only promote at least one or two clickbank products at each social site, you don't want to be labelled as a spammer!

Alternatively you can just have seperate accounts with different email addresses, this way you can keep track of all of your promotions and marketing activity.

See what Clickbank the site looks like and a few of the sites features here, reviewed by someone who knows what he is talking about -

Within each social network you will find relevant sub communities and targeted individuals who are in your niche, it's just reaching out to them or sprinkling the bread crumbs so that they find you and your media profile page.

And what you need to do is draw these readers in, you could do this in many ways, and they all involve some effort.... And you guessed it "time"

Commenting and joining in other peoples discussions and debates are what social networks are all about, being part of an online discussion that is if the people are online at the same time, then this provides the opportunity for a real time discussion that happens at the time, there and then, this is highly valuable and really enjoyable, especially when you have something good to say and others do to.

You would do this same method on your blog if you have one too, blogs are really just an interactive tool for reaching out to your niche market and reader base and expressing your thoughts and ideas to interested readers!

Once you connect with other like minded people, then your job becomes easier as you may find that you have other joint advertising deals or link exchanges or guest posts on your blog or other help from your new found communities, think about it, when you are all alone starting out online and then you finally find out that being online is not a lonely process after all, then you seem to do more online and have fun in the process of being a Clickbank affiliate or publisher.

Third - Test Everything That Can Be Tested

You may have heard that split testing your affiliate campaigns also helps you convert your efforts into profits, and this is quite true, especially if you know what to look for when you analyze your traffic, clicks and other stats.

Trial and error or just plain experimentation can also help you find the best ways of promoting and earning you more money in your online ventures, whether it's Google adsense or you want to split test your sign up box to see what works best, a pop up form or a static opt in form, you can do all this to help you in the beginning and even later on, the testing does not stop, why should it?, constant testing and tweaking to your promotions should always be at the forefront of your mind, seeing what works as the ultimate best option.

Simple content layout or site design can impact your views or site performance in terms of clicks and other statistical elements, people want to find out information for what they are searching and if they find what they are looking for and the it's not easy to read then they may disappear and never return to your blog or site again.

List the benefits of your recommendations as bullet points or a list, this clearly illustrates your main points, especially if someone just skims through your article or post, they will see this list of important points and read them.
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