Friday, 9 October 2009

Youtube One Billion Video Views Per Day

Today I was looking on Youtube and I saw a link on the Youtube homepage that says
1 billion views per day
 And I think that is awesome, especially if you want to do video marketing, because all you have to do is keep up on keyword trends and your niche that you want to provide video content for and create targeted videos for your target market and promote them anywhere you can for some decent traffic.

Just think if you had a share of that traffic pie, if you took time out and created a video campaign for your main affiliate programs, what you could achieve if you only try.

I always look at the top videos in my niches, so I can see how they list their videos, with keywords,titles and descriptions and even what they link to and how they present themselves in their video, do they appear enthusiastic? Do they know what they are talking about? Do they appear professional?

Getting traffic from Youtube is about many factors you can do yourself or have someone else do the work for you, so don't think about it, just do it and get your videos out there, because there's a share of 1 billion video views to be had!!