Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Affiliates New Years Resolution

As an affiliate marketer, I try to be ahead of the game by cramming all and everything within my tiny mind but sometimes there is just too such information to take in and doing everything becomes a chore at times, so what do you do? How do you take charge of your path to earn online through affiliate income?

Simple set yourself some workable goals and take it from there.

Now I already know my new years resolution as I want to grow and earn more in affiliate marketing, but also I want to spend more time with my family too, so these are two of my main resolutions for the new year.

Thinking more about your ultimate goals what else can you come up with yourself?

For I definitely want to learn more technical aspects of affiliate marketing and branch out into a few areas of online earning with a handful of sites.

However, I also want to pursue my main hobby of drawing and by drawing, I mean everything in that area, which would be tattoos, drawing my own comic books and just being an arty kind of guy and love drawing again as my number one hobby.

So what do you think will be your number one priority in the coming new year?


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mark Ling Affilorama 6 Part Video Affiliate Marketing Course

Here are 6 videos that go through the overview of steps to take for starting an affiliate maketing campaign, how to do so depends on really how well you plan the steps that are presented here.

Part 1 - How to make money online through affiliate marketing.
The first video is an introduction into what affiliate marketing is for any new people who have never heard the term before.

Part 2 - How to set up a basic website
An overview of basic webpage set up with free software nvu and it is just that basic!

Part 3 - Essential Parts Of Affiliate Websites And Landing Pages

A look at actual case studies and examples of affiliate websites and landing page samples to look at.

Part 4 - Finding Profitable Affiliate Niche Markets

How to find a profitable affiliate market to earn from, tips and techniques of a 3 step process.

Part 5 - How To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Search engine optimization and other strategies for driving new visitors to your website.

Part 6 - Other Methods To Get Traffic To Your Website

Other methods of getting visitors to your website, including pay per click,(ppc)press releases and many more ideas for you to go through.

Bonus Video - Affiliate networks and Clickbank

All about affiliate networks and one of the popular digital affiliate marketplace.

Now this Affilorama video course was a free video course that hopefully you have gone through, but there is an upgrade for an affiliate premium membership were you can learn more in depth affiliate marketing strategies, so I'd recommend you do go to Affilorama to see more information about making money from affiliate programs.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Affiliate Marketing And Other Tips For Online Earning Video

A collection of videos from youtube about various online earning with the occasional affiliate mention here and there.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

An Affiliate Link Assistance

Four products that will help you with your affiliate promotions in some way, I'd recommend Seo Spy Glass to check out more on your competition for specific keywords.

I've also heard alot about the link assistant too so I will probably buy it myself and review it here at a later date.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Think About Using Feedburner As Your Best Affiliate Promotion Method

I'm a regular reader of the problogger blog and as usual Darrens content is linked to some top high profile blogs that also provide great content and so I found this video about obtaining a feedburner account and using it for the first time, this is quite basic stuff, but for those who haven't thought about the uses of RSS feeds, this video should inspire some confidence in the feed system and show you what is possible with the feedburner feed and how you could work it into your affiliate marketing.


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Promoting A Series Of Related Affiliate Programs

All the affiliate programs you start to promote must be towards some kind of plan.

Doing this is a simple step by step process that starts off with a list of daily activities, steps that must get done each day have to be done first thing, no checking your email for the latest junk, save that until there's nothing left to do, have a laugh at the email you get at this moment, because you know full well you have done your important work before handling the daily chores of spam email and rummaging through the junk mail and blog comments.

To promote a series of affiliate programs in your promotional calendar, there are two things that must be imprinted in your mind.

1. Your plan has to cover everything you need to go through, try to fit everything in a routine week, each day has it's main focus and keep with it forever, this will set you apart from those who just cannot be bothered.

2. An in depth handle on the products you are promoting, this can catapult your sales conversions further if you implement this with solid marketing methods, more over an understanding of what the product could offer any potential buyers really helps you get attention.

A lot of the focus comes from being direct in your approach and being consistent with the exact marketing methods you are best at, for me, I would hazard a guess that my best marketing approach is through free advertising and article content, so I focus on these two methods like the plague.

Earning from many affiliate promotions you have been running can make the difference from only earning from one in contrast to several income streams. Therefore, dust off that thinking cap and get to work, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Affiliate Marketing Video - Affiliate Secret Weapon Still Going Strong

It's hard to believe or rather it isn't that Ewen Chias Secret affiliate weapon site is still going to this day and more than likely still bringing in sales for Ewen, even though it's priced at a low $9.97, it still is an effective site that builds residual income for Ewen and it's one that you can apply yourself to. The Affiliate business model that is.

I was one of those that purchased this affiliate one off membership, it tells you how to promote his best selling products and in fact it's a good tip to show potential new affiliates how to promote and earn from affiliate marketing with his best products, it makes him more money and gets more traffic to his site and you learn in the process too, so it's a winner all around type of situation.

This video gives a small overview of it, and directs your next steps to take in the world of affiliate marketing.