Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Affiliates New Years Resolution

As an affiliate marketer, I try to be ahead of the game by cramming all and everything within my tiny mind but sometimes there is just too such information to take in and doing everything becomes a chore at times, so what do you do? How do you take charge of your path to earn online through affiliate income?

Simple set yourself some workable goals and take it from there.

Now I already know my new years resolution as I want to grow and earn more in affiliate marketing, but also I want to spend more time with my family too, so these are two of my main resolutions for the new year.

Thinking more about your ultimate goals what else can you come up with yourself?

For I definitely want to learn more technical aspects of affiliate marketing and branch out into a few areas of online earning with a handful of sites.

However, I also want to pursue my main hobby of drawing and by drawing, I mean everything in that area, which would be tattoos, drawing my own comic books and just being an arty kind of guy and love drawing again as my number one hobby.

So what do you think will be your number one priority in the coming new year?

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2 comments: on "Affiliates New Years Resolution"

iCan't Internet said...

Good luck with keeping your goals, and reaching them!
Mine are in fact similar... Learning more about internet marketing, making money online, and being able to help and teach others about it.
And of course, be able to spend more time with the family and the hobby...
Check out my site at it may have some useful info to help you reach your goals...

Earning From Affiliates said...

I will be looking to consolidate my position rather than start new projects. I am aware of the current problems in the market so I have been spending time on setting up feeds so I can monitor the any news about the merchants I am promoting.

Also due to a recent server failure I am looking at I disaster recovery position as priority!

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