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The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Almost Every Business Owner Makes On Their Web Site...and How To Avoid Them!

There are millions of business web sites on the Internet. And most of them don't work. They cost money, they frustrate people who visit them, they take up the web site owner's time, effort and energy. And they don't give anything in return.

Why? Because they make some basic mistakes.

Fortunately, your web site can be different!

What's in this ebook?

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When you understand and apply what you'll learn in this book, you'll be ahead of 99% of other business web sites.

How to avoid the main 7 mistakes that every business website owner makes!!

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Cash Creation - Start Earning 15 Minutes From Now!

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Google Cash Machine

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Affiliate Marketing - The Basics

by: Kathleen Gagne

Imagine that you could earn commissions on a popular brand-name product just by placing a link on your website or in your email. That, my friends, is "Affiliate Marketing"!

OK... So it's not quite that simple, but it doesn't have to be much more complicated either.

Let's start with a few definitions. An advertiser, or merchant, is the company who is selling a product. An affiliate, sometimes referred to as a publisher or partner, is another person or company who assists in the promotion of the product and earns a commission for doing so. (That could be you!) In between is the account management service that partners the advertisers with the affiliates and keeps track of the online sales and commissions.

If you want to become an affiliate, you first need to choose either a product you want to sell, or an account management service. You will end up with both, but the choice of one will determine the choice for the other. If you choose the product first, the advertiser will direct you to the account management service that they already work with. If you choose the account management service first, they will provide you with a list of merchants that they do business with.

To see if your favorite product or company offers an affiliate program, go to their website and check the menu bar or the bottom of the screen. Look around for the word "affiliate". Click on that link, read about their program and requirements, and fill out their application. Some companies require specific types of websites to place their links on. They will email you all you need to know to get started.

If you don't know what specific product you would like to promote, or if you want to promote several, I recommend browsing the participating merchants on the account management service's website.

Try to stick to products or ideas that you are familiar with and passionate about. It will be much easier to market to your visitors if you can add value to the link you want them to click on. Personal recommendations or stories will get way better results than just a banner or solo text link. Give them a reason to "click here".

Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing! Good luck with your new venture!

About The Author

Kathleen Gagne is a work at home mom providing website consulting and design services to other small business owners. Her Website Solutions information can be found at

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Three Steps to Marketing Success

by: Edward Rizzo

There are three important steps you need to take to ensure your web site succeeds. If you follow these three steps your web site will get visitors that will come back time and time again. These steps will also assist your website in getting noticed by the search engines, and you should be able to earn money from your web site.
One constant theme that emerges from the most successful businesses and organizations is simplicity. Keep your website simple and easy to navigate. Don’t try to do too much, or complicate things or you'll more than likely fail. So, the three step process for Internet success is simple, making it much more likely that you will succeed.

Step 1, Decide exactly what your web site will be about. For example, say your interest is in cars. If you produce a web site about cars, you'll be competing against millions of others and You will have a hard time getting noticed. Narrow down your focus to something more specific, perhaps something like "the design of Italian cars". Or possibly tips on getting better gas mileage. The more specific your theme, the better. Don't try to do too much, a single narrow theme is what you need for success. If you want to cover a broad subject, break it down into several narrow themes for separate web sites. This is also referred to as a Niche Marketing. Being very specific and focusing on a special area of interest will considerably cut your competition way down, resulting in a higher demand and increased targeted traffic to your website.

Step 2, Fill your site with content. The information you provide needs to be focused directly on your theme. You may need to write the main pages yourself, but there will be articles you can use from ezine directories and from private label sites that will help you fill out your web site. The more content you add, the better. Plus, be sure to add articles and information to your site every week. That will get people coming back to your site and it will also make sure the search engines notice you. People crave information and the more free information you provide your visitors the more they will see you as the expert. This builds trust. You get your readers and visitors trust and your chances for success will triple!

Step 3, Get links from other sites, but don't try to get links from just anyone. Instead, get links from relevant sites. In our example this would be other car sites, or sites relating to import cars, exotic sorts cars etc. A link from a friend's site on another subject is of no value. So, search the web for web sites that are relevant to your interest and then ask the webmasters to link to your site, in return for providing a link to them on your site. Link exchanges show the major search engines that your site is relevant to a specific subject. This in turn, builds your sites popularity and traffic.
A word of caution about building your link campaign. There are many places on the web that are referred to as link farms. Try to avoid these as search engines can tell if your links are generated through a mutual exchange with another relevant site versus getting hundreds of links to your site very quickly. Using a link farm will generate many, many links virtually overnight and the major search engines will pick up on this. Sometimes these major search engines will even ban your site from their index as they review link farms as Spamming!!
One more thing to consider about links. Search Engines view one way links as much more relevant and will get you a more favorable position with the way your site is ranked.
With these three steps you are assured of online success. That's because these are the key steps taken by all of the most successful sites you encounter.
One other thing, by adding in Google Adsense elements to your pages your web site will generate cash for you. The more content rich and highly focused your site, the better the response you'll get to the advertisements you carry. And that means more money paid to you by Google, which is another subject.

About The Author

Ed Rizzo has written many courses and articles relating to various aspects of Internet Marketing including starting a Home Based Business and Link Strategies. For more Information Visit his website at

Effective Copy Step-by-step

Effective Copy Step-by-step
by: Linda Miller

Anyone can launch a new product. Making it take off requires marketing. But keeping a product above the crowd requires advertising with all the right elements, including effective copy.

Advertising copy can be as simple as a slogan or as extensive as an editorial. The key isn't in how much you say, but what you say. The success of your product rests on effective copy that conveys a clear message about the product. With an obscure message, or no message at all, the product will have a very little chance of taking off.

Creating effective advertising starts with knowing the key elements to a successful ad:

The Headline

To be effective, headlines must be clear and bold. A short burst of carefully chosen words has the best chance of being noticed, and will convey a strong and memorable message. These words can be intriguing, dramatic, elegant, dignified, silly or grand. Choosing effective copy depends entirely on your target market or audience. Know your market, and you will understand what words will catch the eye and motive the customers to read on. Your headline needs to convey a very clear message.

* Free Offers: Try grabbing your audience's attention with the "shocking claim" technique. "Half Price" and "Free Offer" are often used to get attention. Just make sure that you're able to follow through on the claim. Don't use the old "Store Closing" technique if you have no intention of shutting down. This just causes distrust.

* KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid. Or, if you just can't decide what to edit out of your headline copy, you can always add a sub-heading. Be sure that the secondary text improves on the headline.

* Logo: Every successful business has a logo. Develop a logo and use it every time you advertise. Nike could put its trademark "swoosh" on a blank page of paper, with no other copy or graphics, and everyone will still know it's a Nike ad. Logos are effective eye-catchers and give a company an identity. Once your logo is established, people will recognize an ad for your business before they even read the copy.

* Satisfy a Need: Give customers a reason to buy your product of service. Determine what niche your business can fill, and focus your advertising copy on that area. Why should people buy your product rather than going to the competitor? You need to convince your audience that they need your product. If created with discretion, your ad can even make them feel foolish for not buying your product.

* Key words: Highlight important words in your text with bold type, underlining and different fonts, or with the use of colour. While your headline is most important, you can create effective copy by making key words stand out.

* Toot Your Horn: Don't be afraid to highlight the features, virtues and attributes of your product or service. Bear in mind the areas that are most important to your clients. But remember to keep it honest. If your restaurant serves award-winning pie but lousy coffee, advertise your pie. Don't mention the coffee.

* What's In It For You: Remind your customer of unique benefits you can provide. Tell them about free bonuses, money back guarantees, time-limited offers or special discounts for certain customers. Use incentives to stretch the pulling power of your ad.

* Keep it Short: Use short sentences. Try sentence fragments. These get attention. Fewer words work with skim readers.

* Awesome Adjectives: Use attention grabbing adjectives to your advantage, but stay away from over-used phrases and cliches. Terms like unbelievable, super, ultra, eye-popping and incredible just aren't that incredible anymore. Stay away from cliches as well. Intelligent readers feel annoyed and patronized when faced with statements like "You don't' want to miss this sale."


Effective advertising is achieved with the right balance of clever copy and eye-catching graphics.

* Photography: If a picture tells a thousand words, make sure the photograph or illustration you choose puts your product in its best possible light. Provide a high-resolution photo or a professionally created illustration. Make sure your audience gets a clear image of your product, or is intrigued enough to find out more information.

* Proof: If your ad is making a claim about quality, back it up. Use colorful charts, graphs and other details to support your claim, and satisfy any lingering doubts in your readers' minds.

Other Elements of Effective Copy

* Contact Information: Invite customers to act. Let them know where they can find your product. Provide a website, telephone number, address or retail outlet. Don't assume that people will know where to find you.

* Disclaimer: This is usually located at the bottom center or the bottom right hand of the page. Disclaimers cover the legal aspects of your advertising claims, such as "some conditions apply" or "limited time offer". You'll likely want to use a smaller font size for the disclaimer, but don't make it so tiny that it looks like you have something to hide.

* White Space: Sometimes a message that reads loud and clear can say almost nothing at all. White space can be extremely eye-catching, because other advertisers cram as much copy as possible into an ad. Advertisers in traditional media have used white space as a marketing tactic for many years, and now the trend is also shifting to Internet advertisers. Allowing ample white space makes your ad easier to read and infinitely more effective.

The first step to making a sale is selling your product. Effective copy and smart advertising techniques are essential in getting attention and establishing an audience. Include the key elements in your advertising, and increase your chances of success.

About The Author

Linda Miller contributes to several web sites, such as and

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Proven tactics in affiliate marketing

Proven Tactics in Affiliate Marketing - 7 Secrets to Be Apart from Other Many Competitors by zMillionDollars

To be apart from other many competitors in the affiliate marketing business, there are many proven tactics in affiliate marketing business. Some of those tactics are very powerful for affiliate marketing entrepreneurs to be an outstanding among others. You will discover and learn great affiliate marketing tips, workable affiliate marketing ideas, proven tactics in affiliate marketing to be apart from your competitors in this article.

Now, I am going to share you the 7 proven tactics in affiliate marketing business in order to ensure that you will stay in the affiliate marketing business and outstanding among other affiliates.

1. Conduct the fixed affiliate marketing business plan. There is no doubt that planning is the first critical factor for all business in the world. It will save your time and money. The undo and redo tasks will be minimized. Also, you will have more time to grow your affiliate business when you have your own fixed affiliate marketing plan. Surprisingly, I have found that several affiliate marketing entrepreneurs have their own fixed affiliate marketing business plan. This business plan is a must for all affiliate marketing entrepreneurs who are looking for how to go step forward to their competitors and grow their business. It is an absolutely great affiliate marketing ideas to come up with the fixed daily business plan. The great affiliate marketing tips for this tactic is to start planning monthly, weekly and daily for your affiliate business.

2. Come up with aggressive affiliate marketing ideas. There are many affiliate marketing ideas, techniques or strategies to earn more affiliate commission on the internet. The aggressive affiliate marketing ideas is one of the most effective ways to gain more sales and build highly profitable affiliate marketing business. The real key to your success in this proven tactics in affiliate marketing is to keep advertising your affiliate products consistency with several of marketing techniques. My experiences show that you will reach a wider range of customers and earn more affiliate sales with this proven tactics. For example, you can keep advertising your affiliate products through email marketing. The aggressive idea is to keep sending quality emails (i.e. follow-up message or broadcast emails) to your subscribers to advertise your affiliate products.

3. Combine your affiliate marketing ideas. This proven tactic is very powerful in the affiliate marketing particularly for building highly profitable home based affiliate business in long term. All you have to do for the proven tactics in your affiliate marketing business is to think. Creativity mindset is one of the key successes of this tactics. For example, you can apply email marketing with the article marketing by sending a high quality and fully articles to your subscribers. With those fully articles, you can lead readers to your website or reprint your articles on their websites.

4. Automate your affiliate marketing business with tools. With the daily business tasks in affiliate marketing, you will have no time to think and grow your affiliate business. My highest recommendation is to find an automated software or tool to help you to deliver automatically services or products. Obviously, for example, the auto-responder software is a must for all affiliates to deliver their email, newsletter or promotion information to their subscribers. With this auto-responder software, you can send and reply email automatically to your subscribers or even customers. I am sure that with those kinds of automated software, you will release yourself from daily business as usual task and will have more time to grow your affiliate marketing business.

5. Protect your affiliate commission and business. There are many hackers and crackers on the internet. It is an absolutely great affiliate marketing ideas to protect your affiliate commission and business with software. With that software, you will ensure that your affiliate commission will not be stolen by third parties on the internet. There are many link protections, prevention and convert software for your affiliate links on the internet. Another example of protecting your home based affiliate business is to backup your important information and list. This is a must for affiliates to ensure that those affiliate marketing business will not lose in any situations.

6. Offer great incentives and bonuses. There are no doubt that if there are two affiliate marketing entrepreneurs who are promoting the same affiliate products in the same industry, the winner is a person who offers better incentives and bonuses to potential customers. The examples of great incentives and bonuses could be: a package of software, a set of special reports, superb additional services and great books. The great affiliate marketing ideas to find the bonuses are: to find resell products and to conduct special reports.

7. Spy on your competitors. Keeping your eyes on your competitors is the powerful and proven tactic in affiliate marketing business. You can start spying your competitors by subscribing their newsletter or buying their products, if they have. Other great examples are: to spy their keywords and history of changing websites. There are many spy keyword tools or tracking website software on the internet to spy on your competitors. Personally, I believe that this tactics has been proven and it is a great alternative approach in affiliate marketing business.
Final thoughts, I strongly believe that you can be apart from your competitors with those above 7 proven tactics in affiliate marketing. Remember, the first key of your success is to come up with the fixed affiliate marketing business plan. Then, all you have to do is to take those tactics into your affiliate marketing promotion plan now. You will see great results in the long run. And you will success in the affiliate marketing business.

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Read more valuable articles, news and up-to-date information about home based affiliate business at: You will discover a wealthy of informative about how to start, build, run and grow your home based affiliate business.

About the Author
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Are You Searching For Home Based Success?

Are You Searching For Home Based Success?
by: Aubrey Richardson

Everyone is searching for home business success! Home based businesses are popping up every day and numerous others will start a home business within the next year. Experiencing home business success is important to anyone who desires to work at home. For those of us who already have a home business we are continually looking to grow and connect with others who are like-minded.

Work at home “Dads” are becoming as popular as work at home “Moms”. Maybe even more so, as large companies continue to “cut-back” and downsize their operations. Home based businesses are becoming the norm. Most households already have two “bread winners” in the family and have turned towards starting a home business part-time.

If you are looking to improve your bottom line and have pondered the thought of beginning your own home business, now is the time. Taking the right steps to home business success will get you off to a fast start. The key for continued home business success is to plug into a PROVEN system that you can follow to the top! If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home and don’t have a great deal of money to start a home business, you can search most any search engine for home based success stories and get free information on the subject.

True home business success requires effort, just as any other type of venture you may pursue. Moreover, your home business success may be directly tied to how much “thought” and “action” you give to it. You’ll rise to the top much faster by finding other individuals who have already experienced home business success and willing to show you how they did it.

Find a mentor (someone who has already been there – done that – and got the T-shirt) and implement their home business success formula. After all, they most likely will be able to show you where the “pot holes” lie and how to avoid them! Success Coaches are the key to most any rapid success, especially when working in a large industry. Sometimes you’ll come across too many “different” ideas or approaches to a given outcome. A Success Coach will help keep you on track and keep you away from all the “noise” they may distract you.

Take it from me … run from the ones who make you promises in order to get you “in” to their work at home program! Most of these guys only succeed in “recruiting” and not actually building a true, long lasting, residual type of income we all desire from working a home based opportunity.

So what are you to look for in a home based business? Well … we all have our opinions and below you will find a few of my own:

- Solid Leadership - You’ve heard it before, “Leadership is everything, and everything rises and falls on leadership”. Without quality leaders (proven in the field) you are placing your trust and work effort in uncharted waters! Find out “who” is behind the wheel and what their game plan is (should they have one).

- Financial Stability - Too many times we’ve experienced or heard of a once thriving company, having to close their doors (usually due to poor leadership) due to lack of funds. Let’s face it; finances are the key to any company’s success and or failure. Without money to keep the lights on and pay the necessary overhead, it’s only a matter of time until “lights out”!

- A Vision – It’s the old saying … “without a vision, you perish”! Therefore, if there isn’t a “plan” (a foreseen outcome or objective), then failure is most likely what’s around the corner.

Of course all three of these issues go together and are entwined or fused together. Sort of like one is no good without the other and without one, neither of the other two really exist. But then again, that’s just an opinion!

Ultimately selecting the best home based business for you, requires you to know what you want and know your outcome. If you simply just “jump in” as some would have you do, you may find yourself drowning in the process! You are much better off to research and select a home based business that offers you PROVEN SYSTEMS for your success. Once you’ve found the right one for you … work the system!

About The Author

Aubrey Richardson is the founder of - logos & clipart site. Find out how you can tap into earning money online

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online
by: Lydia Quinn

There are numerous simple and easy ways to make some extra cash online. This article will give you some ideas.


One of the best ways to earn some extra cash online is by taking surveys. There are many companies that need consumer opinions on a wide range of topics, and many of them will pay you money or with points you can redeem for cash or prizes. It's easy and free to signup and the more surveys you take, the more money and prizes you will get. It just takes a small investment of your time.


If you have decent writing skills, there are many publishers and content distributors who need content for their websites. Two such sites are and, they will pay you for each article you write. You don't have to be a fantastic writer either, just have a good grasp of English and be able to write something of interest on a given topic.


Blogging is fun and easy and, again, you don't need great writing skills. You just need to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas well. You can get your own customizable blog by getting a domain and hosting package that includes the Fantastico module. This module allows you to install the blogging software, WordPress, with 1 simple click. It's super fast and easy and you'll be blogging in no time. Once you have some visitors, you can add Adsense ads or affiliate ads to leverage your visitors and make money from them. Remember, the more interesting your topic, the more people will be interested, and the more readers you get, the more money you will make from your advertising. Blogs can be about anything, what do you have a passion for? What is your interest? Blog about it!

Affiliate Marketing

Many online companies have affiliate programs., for instance, has a great affiliate program that allows you to sign up and get a customized URL to any page or area of their site. Then you can send this URL to your friends and family and encourage them to buy gifts from With every purchase from your affiliate link, you get a commission! There are thousands of other affiliate programs out there, in addition to Amazon's program.

Sell Your Extra Stuff

We all have extra stuff laying around our houses or garages. Why not get rid of it and make some money too? Get your stuff and take a picture, write a description and put it up on eBay. You may find that something you thought that wasn't worth anything, is actually worth something!

Contests, Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games

Everyday there are new contests, sweepstakes and instant win games launching. If you are vigilant and spend an hour or a few a day entering contests and playing these games, you will win something eventually. Playing these games and contests is often fun anyway, so why not take a chance? Check out for a great list of contests, sweepstakes and instant win games.

Free Lottos

You know how you go to the convenience store every week and spend a few bucks on lottery tickets? Well, there are also online lotteries where you can get tickets and win cash prizes. The difference is, these lotteries are free! Yes, free! You can find a list of free lottos at

Online Casinos

There are hundreds of different online casinos on the web. I bet you thought that you needed money to play at them and win? Well, you were wrong. You can signup for free poker tournaments that have cash prizes. There are also slot, roulette and blackjack tournaments that you can play that have real money prizes. All for free! Check out and for listings.

There you go, 8 fun and easy ideas to make some extra cash online!

About The Author

Lydia Quinn writes for, a free and comprehensive paid survey directory list. Visit us at:

Friday, 1 June 2007

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Videos show you how to build your own online business

Videos are all the rage these days for internet marketers, they show you how to do effective strategies and other marketing ventures.

But through all these by far the best one I've ever seen is the business builder kit, it actually shows you how to build your very own online business through uniqely realsied tutorial videos that show you how to do it and then you do it...that's why it's called the View it and Do it software

If ever you are just starting out I'd recommend this software for evrything that you'll need to know and do to achieve a fully working online business website.

Build your online business!