Wednesday, 30 April 2008

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Monday, 28 April 2008

Squidoo And Hub Pages - Building Free Web Pages That Contribute To The Internet Community

Squidoo and hub pages, to name the top two at the moment, are content driven sites that pull visitors into their web pages, they are free pages that can be nearly about any topic, (except the illegal kind)and they are one page one stops for the information andthey must provide some sort of unique content that no one has ever come across beforehand.

Earning opportunities are present within these two online publishing giants, which helps to motivate some, but frustrates others who expect it to earn them money over night!

Any type of blogging is a gradual process and blogs and articles on blogs don't usually become successful until usually a year to two years of hard work, writing new content for your blog.

The internet is all about content that informs, content that builds on ones knowledge, that is the main concept to remember about the world wide web, it's a community of information makers and you could be one of the very best.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

How to Start an online business with a blog

How can blogs add to your business?

Well for a start they add real value to your main business website, they provide updated content that helps in the search engines, interesting content that people want to find on the web are what the search engines really like.

Want to know how to host your own blog from blogger?
Blogger hosting is easy on your own

What angle could you write a blog about?

It all starts with an interest in a subject and then market research based on what you are enjoying in your spare time, based on this research period you can build a very profitable business with just a blog alone, But How?

The Problogger Book Will Show You The Way....

Well there are methods and techniques that you need to understand and really take note of, ways to earn online from your blog or blogs if you feel ambitious enough!

And these methods are only a click away.....

Blog For Dollars

And when you've read that, there is something you need to know about getting readers to your blog in the first place.

How to Build a List of Subscribers

How to Build a List of Subscribers

A very detailed resource full of unique ideas and list building practices, go ahead and read it, you'll be glad you did!!

Because, after all in the world of online business, linkbuilding matters

How to videos and slides for the Aweber Autoresponder Tool:
Videos for the Aweber Autoresponder

Friday, 25 April 2008

Take A Simple Marketing Campaign And Run With It!

Marketing online presents many new challenges for the untested to try out, they must find the right balance between promotion and business building.

Alot of todays future online entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly frustrated with what's on offer in terms of earning profit online and it's those exceptional few who go off in their own direction that seem to do well online.

Simple affiliate marketing is best when you know what you want to promote and just run with it, take an example of a promotion for amazon dvds,you'd want to target specific dvd's or just the specific niche market of dvds, so you'd set up all you could for that focused area of promotions, a web page leading into the dvd section or the unbox which deals with downloadable dvds, you'd probably want to capture subscribers so you can describe the benefits of ordering through amazon (which is usually discount prices!) or subscribing to a download service. the choice is yours!

Once you have that affiliate strand or campaign on the go, you need to track your results and I do this with the old fashioned notepad detailing every place that has the backlnks to the offers and the urls of key identifiers and tracker tokens, again google analytics is useful for knowing what traffic came from which location or keyword type.

Running with an affiliate campaign can be quite time consuming, but remember the more effort you put in the better earning opportunities you present to yourself.

And of course later on down the road you'll gain enough experience to have at least
four to five campaigns on the go all at once, all with their own income streams in different areas of niche markets

Monday, 21 April 2008

There is a secret to affiliate marketing...

And you need to realise that it's a simple one to acknowledge, distractions befall us all at one time or another, so we need to as affiliate marketers become more focused on one affiliate earning method at a time for our efforts to pay off, what happens if you try and promote everything and the kitchen sink?

Well our affiliate promotions and campaigns become diluted and unfocused and we don't profit at all. so the key here is to build on what you know and hold as the absolute benefit of your affiliate product and send out this message of recommendation to anyone who is interested.

Focus on one affiliate program at a time

See this video to find out about an affiliate secret waiting to be discovered.


Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Focused Effort In Affiliate Marketing

It is widely regarded to focus all of your attention on to one specific affiliate system to earn any income online from, as getting distracted by other affiliate earning systems will get you nowhere.

So if it's Ebay or Amazon affiliate promotions, then just concentrate on these with all of your time and effort.

Always plan and maintain a schedule of continual promotional campaigns for your concentrated method and don't ever stop, because to stop would allow others to get in before you as the action takers, so build on top of what you know!

Learn everything about affiliate marketing through the many forums on affiliate networks and other specific affiliate earning programs

Finding or writing content can take a little effort, but it's worth it to set your niche up as the premier niche for that market with valuable niche content

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

An affiliate program that pays!

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Sunday, 6 April 2008

The best way to start earning online

Earning online could be a long term thing, but in the short term thinking about the quality of your sites and the content that it presents is the best way forward, because by thinking in the short term you are also investing in the long term growth of your online business.

Through Affiliate marketing you could be earning online by ways of personal recommendation by reviews, tips and techniques in niche areas that relate to the affiliate promotions or creating software that addresses problems that can be solved with the use of the software.

One of the best ways is to use all of the available promotion methods you can to drive traffic to your affiliated offers: these could be

* Video Marketing Reviews

* Article Marketing

* Email Marketing With Autoresponders

* Blog Marketing

* Free Advertising

* Joint Venturing

Of course there are more ways to drive traffic to your offers, but try and consider the ones that you are best at, some may be great at writing articles and blog writing, others may be quite good at crafting ads for the classifieds, but whatever you decide to use, you should be doing a few of these at least, as the more promotion methods you have under your belt for any certain thing, then the more chances of success at earning online.

Of course creating your product, you could rewrite and combine all of your blog posts and articles together into an ebook or digital information product, this is what other marketers do, but they add further value by adding incentives into the products, such as an affiliate program to earn commissions from.

It really is worth looking into -
Ideas for your information products

Introducing: The Generator Software’s Affiliate Program

I found the following affiliate program for anyone to join and promote, in my own personal experience the affiliate programs that you can leverage much more effectively are the ones that have 5 plus products in your affiliate center to get your campagins going...Read the quick description below to find out if this would be right for you!

Quick Description
Generator Software has one of the longest standing affiliate programs on the web and with best selling products that have stood the test of time, it looks to be one of the premiere affiliate programs to join.

What I Like
First and foremost, this affiliate program is managed which makes a major difference. That means if you have questions, there is someone there to answer them.

The commissions are great and what's even better is the
retention. They have such a low refund and on average, when a customer buys a product from Generator Software for the first time, that same customer will typically purchase 2-3 more within the next 4 months - all of which you receive back end commissions on!

They also provide weekly training covering a wide range of topics such as generating traffic, PPC marketing, building your list, designing review sites as well as some fundamentals like the basics of building a good affiliate business.

The other major piece worth noting is the fact that it’s a 2-tier affiliate program. That means it’s possible to generate a residual income from people you refer to the affiliate program who then make sales.

Finally, if you like Generator Software products then it’s worth being an affiliate as they provide insights and advanced notice on all new products and releases.

Things To Watch For
As with any affiliate program, you still need to take

Although the Generator Software team provide lots of
prewritten emails, templates and tools (and they add new material all the time), it’s still worth noting that you won’t generate any sales unless you actually use their information.

Furthermore, it’s probably in your best interest to use the pre-written material as a guideline and then tweak it to fit your own personality or writing style.

The last thing to watch for are their rules and regulations.

You can NOT purchase their products through your own
affiliate link and it’s important to know that otherwise you could be removed from the affiliate program.

The Generator Software affiliate program is definitely one of the best programs to join online and it’s stood the test of time.

With 11+ years under it’s belt, it continues to grow and prove why Generator Software is one of the most recognized brands for online entrepreneurs. The products are rock solid and they sell well which are all good signs for affiliates.

For more information on this program go to:
Generator Software Program

Friday, 4 April 2008

Online Marketing Essentials

Everytime I get asked either by email or directly, what do you need to market online?
I often say a collection of a few bits and pieces, tools to do the job of marketing could just be down to a plan of what to do, such as advertising and where you can advertise, specific tools though are a website, although it doesn't matter about the cost, a domain name and an autoresponder, although you can survive marketing online without these, it's best if you have them in time if not straight away.

Now of course there are other things that you will need along the way, but to start out with this will do fine.

Later on down the road you can consider free video marketing at YouTube or Google video to name a few, Video Affiliate Marketing is best when it's free, as you can create one in under an hour, if you prepare yourself with enough script material and organize what to say, you will breeze through this simple traffic building method.