Sunday, 6 April 2008

Introducing: The Generator Software’s Affiliate Program

I found the following affiliate program for anyone to join and promote, in my own personal experience the affiliate programs that you can leverage much more effectively are the ones that have 5 plus products in your affiliate center to get your campagins going...Read the quick description below to find out if this would be right for you!

Quick Description
Generator Software has one of the longest standing affiliate programs on the web and with best selling products that have stood the test of time, it looks to be one of the premiere affiliate programs to join.

What I Like
First and foremost, this affiliate program is managed which makes a major difference. That means if you have questions, there is someone there to answer them.

The commissions are great and what's even better is the
retention. They have such a low refund and on average, when a customer buys a product from Generator Software for the first time, that same customer will typically purchase 2-3 more within the next 4 months - all of which you receive back end commissions on!

They also provide weekly training covering a wide range of topics such as generating traffic, PPC marketing, building your list, designing review sites as well as some fundamentals like the basics of building a good affiliate business.

The other major piece worth noting is the fact that it’s a 2-tier affiliate program. That means it’s possible to generate a residual income from people you refer to the affiliate program who then make sales.

Finally, if you like Generator Software products then it’s worth being an affiliate as they provide insights and advanced notice on all new products and releases.

Things To Watch For
As with any affiliate program, you still need to take

Although the Generator Software team provide lots of
prewritten emails, templates and tools (and they add new material all the time), it’s still worth noting that you won’t generate any sales unless you actually use their information.

Furthermore, it’s probably in your best interest to use the pre-written material as a guideline and then tweak it to fit your own personality or writing style.

The last thing to watch for are their rules and regulations.

You can NOT purchase their products through your own
affiliate link and it’s important to know that otherwise you could be removed from the affiliate program.

The Generator Software affiliate program is definitely one of the best programs to join online and it’s stood the test of time.

With 11+ years under it’s belt, it continues to grow and prove why Generator Software is one of the most recognized brands for online entrepreneurs. The products are rock solid and they sell well which are all good signs for affiliates.

For more information on this program go to:
Generator Software Program
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