Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Building Yourself A Better Blog In 31 Days?

Build A Better Blog In Thirty One Days

When I first read that Darren Rowse was going to do another 31 days to build a better bog on his blog I thought oh goody, more in depth information to go through and this time he has my full attention, or so I thought, I know I found it hard to stick to the one task each day even though other people said on his comments on his blog that it wasn't really necessary to follow in order of the tasks that was presented, but I felt like such a let down that I just fell behind and didn't do hardly any of the tasks.

But then when I heard he had a downloadable ebook to buy and it was very inexpensive I thought right this is my chance to get it right this time around and since doing that I have got around to planning a lot of tasks that I can do starting with a couple each day.

This is highly important, whatever affiliate business you have that you promote through your blogs, every action has a reaction and focusing on doing specific tasks each day just gets you that little bit futher to your goals.

Find out more on my hubpage about this cheap but excellent blogging resource and don't forget to buy the ebook!!.
31 days to build yourself a better blog