Friday, 20 June 2008

Planning Your Earning Methods Beforehand For Earning Online

When it comes to writing and planning to earn online you should combine your planning to include both, if you blog or write any content yourself online, like I do, you plan your weeks blog posts ahead of when they are due to be published, over here at blogger you can schedule your posts to be published on a set date you choose, which is really useful for planning, but if you have a website, there are simple ways of planning your earning campaigns well ahead of time.

These include 2 of the following,

1. Draw up a simple written list of potential titles for your posts or new website pages, the title tags are what the search engine spiders use to index your website, although there are other seperate things that the search engines use in the area of SEO, this is the best way of organizing your content for future online publishing to earn a profit online.

2. Focus your content to a specific audience and really try to answer your readers questions or even potential readers who have not visited your site yet, this is the content driven aspect of any website, thinking about your readers is what it is all about online if you have a relevant website, after all it is the reader that makes up the subscriber base for your online literature, so target them specifically.

When you follow these two planning ways of managing your content, you should think hard about getting them right the first time around.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

An Online Presence Is A Credible One!

When first starting out online the thought is to spread yourself thin over many different sites quite quick and hope for the best, but this is not really the way you should be doing any type of online promotion, you should be spreading yourself thick instead of thin as the more you add value to your sites then you are building yourself up as an expert of high value.

People want to read high quality information from people who take themselves seriously and those who want to help others too, whatever you are good at show this first by all means and then show what others may be searching for and wanting to know how to do what you are doing and really explain it in detail, either in a report or a product you may sell on a sales page.

Adding backlinks to your online websites is the best way to go, but always do this in an organized way, instead of a random act of spam madness, you need to find other people who may want to find your information for themselves to read and find through the search engines or some other means, a group or niche related membership site or forum.

How many times have you seen a site were all they have is just banners and links and pretty much nothing else, these sites don't do well at all, they just clutter up the world wide web and quite often these sites don't get updated after a awhile and just die a quick death.

Some people seem to think once you have a website up an running, that is it, the work stops, but half of the battle is to keep it updated and driving more traffic to it at the same time - that is online marketing, the process of promoting your website to the masses, always remember that marketing never stops as long as your website is online, think about new ways to get more traffic, maybe an affiliate program for others to join related to your product, or start a forum on your topic and just talk about it in depth, the many ways are limitless.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Do you know a dream killer?

Dream killers come from a certain personal aspect of ones own life, they appear only to you as an obstacle to achieve your life long dreams, they say they are trying to guide you, the say they are your friends, but in all honesty they are not, these hidden demons of the world of your own life they are trying to ruin for their own ends....

Jealousy is an evil thing and what often results is bitter jealously over something that you can do, but others are trying their hardest to persuade you not to.

Often is the case that a family member is one of these dream killers, they don't want you to succeed, they want to see you be like them, not a failure as such, but a regular job type of person, same wage type of earning drone, that just does as they are told!

Well no longer are you supposed to take all the rubbish that the dream killers throw your way.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Ebay as a marketing tool?

Since Ebay migrated it's affiliate program to it's own server it has gone from strength to strength, Commission Junction had a great tracker but then so has the ebay affiliate partner network now, you are able to track your clicks and sales from within your affiliate account, which is pretty useful.

But have you ever wondered that ebay is a marketing tool in it's own right?

I have quite often thought about sites like Ebay and even Amazon, they provide hot best seller lists and popular searches based on daily results and are always showing what is the top selling items at any given time, this is valuable information for the marketer, as they are able to determine what types of product items are coverting well and cash in on it.

Typically ebay sellers are the ones who are more in tune with what's a best seller, current trends and fashions in online sales play a huge part in what people actually buy, just think about the ads you see on tv, and even the billboards in town, these all play there small parts in the ad marketing activities of commercial companies who are heavily sponsored to do so.

Ebay marketing tactics can be what you may need to succeed online in the world of Ebay marketing, this is in fact a neccessary way of learning the way of ebaying, like any marketing it takes time to find something you are good at, something that sets you apart from anyone else.

Once you find this special something, it's time to start your ebay business, buying and selling is the name of the game and it's finding bargains that you can profit from and also locating hot trends in the many different niche markets online and indeed offline.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Profile Pages Act As Quality Backlinks For Your Best Affiliate Promotions

Whenever you sign up with a social network you are often given a free and useful tool - The profile page, this is invaluable to you as it makes people aware of who you are, it brands your name and face to whatever you do online and off line, but for our purposes we want online to be our focus.

Social networking sites are all the rage these days, they provide ways of interacting with people who enjoy the same interests as you do, a lot of the time people are online for hours on end, each and every day, so the amount of new networking sites that keep popping up are essential to corner your affiliate niche markets online.

I recommend using your best affiliate promotions, one for each social networking site, measure the results and go from there.

A comprehensive list of social network sites I Frequent, with more to follow when I update later on - link to me if you wish!:





Sunday, 1 June 2008

3 of the best reasons to social bookmark yours and others content

When it comes to bookmarking unique content on the web, it is fairly understandable to realise that others may have written about the topic beforehand, so we ourselves have to come up with our own personal voice, so that we stand out from the crowd!

Social bookmarking sites allow us to place bookmarks for our favourite sites and then these could be viewed and ranked based on other reviews that more visitors may make on their travels on the internet, this is very useful if you want to widen your reach online.

Here I will tell you 3 top reasons why you should use social bookmarking sites.

1. If you have a relevant news item that is in your niche, you can add value in the social circles for others to enjoy, plus news articles seem to be more popular and get picked up often in sites like Digg, Twitter and Delicious.

The title of your bookmark also plays a huge part in how your content is percieved and picked up, so make it count.

2. If you bookmark your sites and then others bookmark them too for you, then this could boost your traffic, although for you yourself to bookmark your own sites won't go far, it is best if you try and get others to bookmark your content as this will have more of a positive effect, and plus if you share or bookmark other sites, then you could get noticed by the bookmark reviews you place, bringing traffic back to your site.

3. Each bookmark you leave on anything is a potential backlink to yours or others sites, so make them relevant to be found in the search engines, link things back one way from your site to someone elses, and then if applicable the other way around.

Trying to bookmark all of your sites yourself is certainly not the way to go as most bookmark sites are clamping down on this, in particular Digg and Stumbleupon, even Squidoo is secretly moderated by unknown spam detectors known as squid angels, which means it's great for the ones who like to write and enjoy other people liking what you do, so they share it too.

Videos are the best at going viral and to be shared by anyone who likes your content and there is a good quality site that can help you do this and still make you look like you know what you are talking about!
Video Affiliate Marketing With Video Reviews