Sunday, 1 June 2008

3 of the best reasons to social bookmark yours and others content

When it comes to bookmarking unique content on the web, it is fairly understandable to realise that others may have written about the topic beforehand, so we ourselves have to come up with our own personal voice, so that we stand out from the crowd!

Social bookmarking sites allow us to place bookmarks for our favourite sites and then these could be viewed and ranked based on other reviews that more visitors may make on their travels on the internet, this is very useful if you want to widen your reach online.

Here I will tell you 3 top reasons why you should use social bookmarking sites.

1. If you have a relevant news item that is in your niche, you can add value in the social circles for others to enjoy, plus news articles seem to be more popular and get picked up often in sites like Digg, Twitter and Delicious.

The title of your bookmark also plays a huge part in how your content is percieved and picked up, so make it count.

2. If you bookmark your sites and then others bookmark them too for you, then this could boost your traffic, although for you yourself to bookmark your own sites won't go far, it is best if you try and get others to bookmark your content as this will have more of a positive effect, and plus if you share or bookmark other sites, then you could get noticed by the bookmark reviews you place, bringing traffic back to your site.

3. Each bookmark you leave on anything is a potential backlink to yours or others sites, so make them relevant to be found in the search engines, link things back one way from your site to someone elses, and then if applicable the other way around.

Trying to bookmark all of your sites yourself is certainly not the way to go as most bookmark sites are clamping down on this, in particular Digg and Stumbleupon, even Squidoo is secretly moderated by unknown spam detectors known as squid angels, which means it's great for the ones who like to write and enjoy other people liking what you do, so they share it too.

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kathrynn said...

I like the way you share really simple ideas and somehow they come off sort of profound. I'm getting lots of good ideas here about planning my website writing and bookmarking. I like to think of website promotion as being a visiting angel to other people's sites: do unto others and, give and you will receive. Anyways, thanks for the timely tips. I'm surfing and sponging up info today :)

Wayne Tully said...

That's really great to hear Kathrynn!
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Thanks for the comments!

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