Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Do you know a dream killer?

Dream killers come from a certain personal aspect of ones own life, they appear only to you as an obstacle to achieve your life long dreams, they say they are trying to guide you, the say they are your friends, but in all honesty they are not, these hidden demons of the world of your own life they are trying to ruin for their own ends....

Jealousy is an evil thing and what often results is bitter jealously over something that you can do, but others are trying their hardest to persuade you not to.

Often is the case that a family member is one of these dream killers, they don't want you to succeed, they want to see you be like them, not a failure as such, but a regular job type of person, same wage type of earning drone, that just does as they are told!

Well no longer are you supposed to take all the rubbish that the dream killers throw your way.
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2 comments: on "Do you know a dream killer?"

A Master Networker said...

Beware Of The "Dream Killers"!

they are "Lurking Everywhere"!

Keep on Rockin!


Author - Master Networkers Web Blog

Wayne Tully said...

Yep they are, and sometimes they are in your family too....Boooooo!!!

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