Thursday, 10 June 2010

Multiple Income Streams Are They Important?

When considering multiple income streams you have to think, Are they a good fit for your business and also will they be effective to drive in income from multiple sources? but I would research them and work on a few methods of multiple income, because they can make your business more stable in the long run by providing other earning opportunities from your website that all combine together for maximum income potential.

One of the most easiest income streams to set up is CPA affiliate offers and these typically are ones that when you get leads to do something for the merchant such as sign up or provide their email address and you get paid per lead or as the saying goes Cost Per Aquisition.

So really though they are that important and it is best to build up many income streams, what I'm doing is building up advertising revenue and then combining it with affiliate marketing from Amazon Associates and the Ebay Partner  Network which are both affiliate programs that are two separate income streams and then I promote relevant but good quality affiliate products and services in many different niches to build up yet more passive income.

Also setting up your own products is another way of positioning yourself as an expert, but also an income stream that will grow in time, many do ebooks or free ebooks or reports or membership sites which pay everytime a member signs up to the paid subscription.

So if you have websites or blogs online, it is worth trying to earn multiple income streams from your online efforts, as this is better for you, in a finacial sense, and the more you think of income coming from different sources, then the better placed you are to do this and engrain it on your mind.

Testing Out The Ejunkie Product Selling Service

Ejunkie is an online seller of products, digital and actual tangible products, but I do like the digital selling of products through Ejunkie, as you can quickly create ebooks or some other digital download for selling on the Ejunkie marketplace, which filters out to Google quite quickly with the Google base lists of products.

Right now I am testing 3 PLR products over there and these are products I haven't created myself as I really wanted to test the service first before I did my own products and the process of uploading your own files from your computer is an easy one to follow and all you do is write a paragraph on what benefits your product delivers and set up other things like the brilliant affiliate set up, which you can add for free and set an amount of what share of commissions you can give other affiliates.

I've gone for the 50% affiliate share between myself and the affiliate gets the other 50%, but when I create a handful of my own products I will set one as high as 80%, because I want to connect my other related ebooks to this offer and see what the results will be, sometimes offering a higher commission rate can help boost your sales and traffic to your websites, so I'm more than happy to do this.

You can sign up for your own Ejunkie account and you could just search the site for affiliate products to promote or if you are more serious then you could get the starter option of $5 a month and you get up to 50MB of file space to place your eboos or digital files, which could be videos or audio files or even artwork.

Sing up for your Ejunkie Account, it's free!

I will keep you updated with the progress of this Ejunkie Digital Selling Journey as I am excited about it really!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Make Money By Promoting Other Peoples Digital Products On Ejunkie

Ejunkie has free affiliate programs for all those merchants that have opted for them, so it is just a case of signing up for an account at Ejunkie and then searching on the site for relevant affiliate programs to promote, ebooks are the best products to promote, although there are other options such as digital downloads like audio and video that you could promote as an affiliate promotion.

One of the things that I've been trying out is the use of buy now buttons on my Myspace account and other social networks that accept them as you can link to your own products if you have a paid subscription to place your own content files in the Ejunkie marketplace for sale, if you have a paypal account then you can get paid from any sales or affiliate sales that you achieve from your promotions.

There are lots of digital products to promote on Ejunkie, different topics and niches can be found, so if you have a collection of niche websites or blogs, then it's best to find relevant products that fit each one, this is also something that I am testing out and it's good seeing what many different ebooks and stuff are on there.

Ejunkie is an affordable option if you are selling your own digital products, starting at $5 a month, but if you fancy just using the site for affiliate promotions then you pay nothing. So it's something to think about when looking for possible alternatives to earn online.