Monday, 31 March 2008

Affiliate Marketing: Recommended Reading

Here are a list of books that are really useful in finding out more information and further reading in the area of affiliate marketing, Online Business.

Ebooks And Downloadable Reports

The Affiliate Money Machine - Learn how to achieve affiliate marketing success or do nothing, it's up to you!

First Chapter Of The Affiliate Marketing Formula - Sign up for the free course on how to propel your affiliate business into high end profitable income.

Super Affiliate - Be A Super Affiliate!

Free Chapter Of Infinite Profits - A free chapter which explains the relevance of continuity in whatever you promote online in business.

More downloadable reports and ebooks coming soon...


Sunday, 30 March 2008

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 4: Automation and duplication

Finding ways of replicating success on your blog is all about setting up automation processes to earn an income online from your web pages, blogs and even squeezepages, also duplicating the automation process is what you really need to do in your online business to make your purchase process run on auto pilot too, while giving youe the time to do do the other important things such as marketing your product, although there are several methods to get others to market your products and services, but perhaps the best one is an affiliate program that you run and pay other affiliates for the sales that they make.

The other automation processes that you have to have running along side your other automated methods is an email communications service such as an autoresponder, this is the single most invaluable tool for communicating with your subscribers personally, you can have an email series that gives valuable tips and tricks in a niche topic area.

Getting your website or blog on an automated mindset, you are freeing up yourself the time to do other stuff, such as create more products, write more useful content, online marketing and other tasks that need your attention.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

More About Me: Wayne Tully The blogger You Are Reading.

I have been dabbling in the area of affiliate marketing for quite some time now, at the start there was little success or any income made, but now I have stopped and really researched through reading many ebooks and free reports, I have found out how to do affiliate marketing as a real business online.

That is the reason for this blog and the other one at Earning Profits Online

While I am primarily an artist and writer of horror stories and imagined world of comic book fantasy, I currently do less of this at the present moment to write for this blog here, but I hope to do something with my existing blog Wayne Tully Fantasy Art someday to showcase some of my copyrighted artwork.

I currently live in the UK with my wife and two children, although taking into account the potential online business growth of blogs and websites, moving abroad seems like the ideal option in time.

I like to write and blog and interact with other bloggers and how to use google reader for your blogs is pretty good too.

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 3: Tracking Results And Affiliate Management

Tracking your results with your affiliate campaigns is essential, and to do this you need to install some type of tracking software, ideally the best one that is free is Google Analytics, but you also need to measure how your ads are doing, and the optimization of these ads are also important to see what the click through rates are of your affiliate advertisements, so seperately to track your ads with an ad manager.

Google analytics provides the opportunity to track all of your traffic sources such as search engines that your visitors came from, keywords that delivered people to your blog or website, even what country they came from and what browser they was using at the time of the visit.

The ability to track all of your websites on one dashboard and filter out visits from your ip address or your own computer so that it maximizes the potential of this free software.

Managing your campaigns can be useful by knowing what is a success where and when you make sales and what gets more clicks than any other part of your website, because f you know this information then it is far easier to optimize these parts and alter your sites traffic and conversions for the better..

Monday, 24 March 2008

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 2: income building revenue streams and online marketing

Once you have the ideal promotional item, product or service in mind, you can then consider what avenues of marketing and promotion you could use to begin the online marketing momentum of your campaign, free web pages can provide a no cost way of getting your product review or recommendations on a site, but some problems with this could be you don't have any real control over it, as the free webhost may add their own ads on your pages, but they are worth looking into, as some of my affiliate campaigns have some mixed results on free websites.

Places like Squidoo and Hub pages will become more and more harder to promote promotional material, as they are fast becoming more content driven, but this means that you can still achieve success with them, but it will take more work on your part, plus time too as good quality content is good in the search engines.

Squeeze pages become important as they capture your potential customers who may be interested and they sit and wait and read your emails as subscribers for awhile sitting on the fence until they find something that interests them to purchase a useful product.

Communicational tools such as Autoresponders to go with the squeeze pages add professionalism to your growing affiliate marketing strategies online.

Free advertising and paid advertising are two methods to look at using side by side, but for the beginner, free is always best, Adwords or something similar takes a little research to benefit from and can burn a hole in your pocket for the amateur internet marketer.

Backlinking with article marketing is one solid method that brings in a lot of traffic, useful content articles are more successful in referring readers to your websites and these can often be quite targeted too, as ezine publishers constantly mine the article directories searching for content to include in their ezines.

Everything you need to make a whole lot more than 100,000 dollars a year with affiliate programs

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 1: What Service/Product

Starting an affiliate campaign online is a task that can come in many steps and methods, but the key here is to make it simple, a plan of action must be used for the upcoming affiliate marketing madness....

Definition of affiliate marketing

But first a service or product must be decided upon to promote, one that will compliment your sites content and one that will maximize your online income based on your recommendations and marketing skill in doing so, there are a good handful of affiliate program directories out there that can identify a good product or service to recommend and market, searching on google and the other popular search engines like Yahoo, Msn and, these will bring up the top affiliate results for affiliate programs to choose from, whether it is Clickbank or Commission Junction or one of the many others, you yourself need to decide on three main points:

1. Is it targeted?

Is it a very close match to the types of content that your blog or website provides, can you integrate it well into the theme of your site, does it have real benefits? or is it just a one time promotional thing?

2. What exactly are the benefits? And can they easily be identified?

If they are obvious benefits, such as financial benefits or emotional benefits then this will help your affiliate campaigns by customers being able to tap into the power of owning the product or becoming a services member.

3. Could you create free promotional material around the existing affiliate product?

A free report that might relate to the product, maybe explain in detail how to use the product or service, with screen shots or even a video tutorial right on your web page or blog, some people often like more help and clarification when making a buying decision.

Once this important step has been completed, you are ready to move on to income building revenue streams and online marketing

Backlinks, Deep Linking And Link Strategies

Backlinks are very important in this day and age of the blog and webmastering, the value of linking in to other related content that is worthy of being useful to others, the internet is a huge library of information to be found, but if you have a blog of your own then this can be the library and you can go out and find different links that relate to the subject of your blog or website, this creates quality linking, especially if you pool posts from your own archive as this creates inbound links that are all inter related to each others content and can provide further reading on a topic.

A lot of professional bloggers report that deep linking your links within your content produces great results for clicks and can provide other aspects of the same subject but with more in depth information that the reader can read, the important elements of a blog are content and links and the value of both are determined by the user.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Finding time to blog, promote, whatever...

When you are on your own in a room with just you and the computer, there are certain aspects of working for yourself that have to be dealt with, first there is that notion of finding the time to write your blog posts, getting the discipline to do so on a regular basis, this can be especially difficult if you work at home and are bringing up kids or care for someone, these are the top distractions, but the most important things in your life have to come first right?

Yes that is true, but just think of all of the time you may waste in your daily routine, try to think of and analyze what parts of the day you could use for your blog post planning, I'm talking about the spare times of the day that anyone has, no matter how busy they think they are, For example I thought I'd have no time fitting in certain planning aspects to my business, but I took time out to study what parts of my daily routine that were not productive and I used them to write notes and think about what needs to be done.

A few examples of this are,

sitting on the toilet

Always have a notepad near the pan, as ideas and blog titles always hit me on the bog, strange as it may seem, this is one of them times of the day that anyone has and it can be used as a quick note building session.

If you have a regular job and you commute to work on a bus or train or even if you walk to work (keeping fit eh?) this is all time wasted if you don't use it to think and plan