Monday, 24 March 2008

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 1: What Service/Product

Starting an affiliate campaign online is a task that can come in many steps and methods, but the key here is to make it simple, a plan of action must be used for the upcoming affiliate marketing madness....

Definition of affiliate marketing

But first a service or product must be decided upon to promote, one that will compliment your sites content and one that will maximize your online income based on your recommendations and marketing skill in doing so, there are a good handful of affiliate program directories out there that can identify a good product or service to recommend and market, searching on google and the other popular search engines like Yahoo, Msn and, these will bring up the top affiliate results for affiliate programs to choose from, whether it is Clickbank or Commission Junction or one of the many others, you yourself need to decide on three main points:

1. Is it targeted?

Is it a very close match to the types of content that your blog or website provides, can you integrate it well into the theme of your site, does it have real benefits? or is it just a one time promotional thing?

2. What exactly are the benefits? And can they easily be identified?

If they are obvious benefits, such as financial benefits or emotional benefits then this will help your affiliate campaigns by customers being able to tap into the power of owning the product or becoming a services member.

3. Could you create free promotional material around the existing affiliate product?

A free report that might relate to the product, maybe explain in detail how to use the product or service, with screen shots or even a video tutorial right on your web page or blog, some people often like more help and clarification when making a buying decision.

Once this important step has been completed, you are ready to move on to income building revenue streams and online marketing
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2 comments: on "Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 1: What Service/Product"

Affiliate Marketing said...

Thanks for this post! I will begin part 1 today! I have learned a great definition to what affiliate marketing is!

Thanks Again

Wayne Tully said...

I'm glad I have been of some help, but I would like to do more.

Is there anything that I could really answer for anyone in the area of affiliate marketing?

I am all for building more useful content, so give me some pointers here!!

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