Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 3: Tracking Results And Affiliate Management

Tracking your results with your affiliate campaigns is essential, and to do this you need to install some type of tracking software, ideally the best one that is free is Google Analytics, but you also need to measure how your ads are doing, and the optimization of these ads are also important to see what the click through rates are of your affiliate advertisements, so seperately to track your ads with an ad manager.

Google analytics provides the opportunity to track all of your traffic sources such as search engines that your visitors came from, keywords that delivered people to your blog or website, even what country they came from and what browser they was using at the time of the visit.

The ability to track all of your websites on one dashboard and filter out visits from your ip address or your own computer so that it maximizes the potential of this free software.

Managing your campaigns can be useful by knowing what is a success where and when you make sales and what gets more clicks than any other part of your website, because f you know this information then it is far easier to optimize these parts and alter your sites traffic and conversions for the better..
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