Monday, 24 March 2008

Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 2: income building revenue streams and online marketing

Once you have the ideal promotional item, product or service in mind, you can then consider what avenues of marketing and promotion you could use to begin the online marketing momentum of your campaign, free web pages can provide a no cost way of getting your product review or recommendations on a site, but some problems with this could be you don't have any real control over it, as the free webhost may add their own ads on your pages, but they are worth looking into, as some of my affiliate campaigns have some mixed results on free websites.

Places like Squidoo and Hub pages will become more and more harder to promote promotional material, as they are fast becoming more content driven, but this means that you can still achieve success with them, but it will take more work on your part, plus time too as good quality content is good in the search engines.

Squeeze pages become important as they capture your potential customers who may be interested and they sit and wait and read your emails as subscribers for awhile sitting on the fence until they find something that interests them to purchase a useful product.

Communicational tools such as Autoresponders to go with the squeeze pages add professionalism to your growing affiliate marketing strategies online.

Free advertising and paid advertising are two methods to look at using side by side, but for the beginner, free is always best, Adwords or something similar takes a little research to benefit from and can burn a hole in your pocket for the amateur internet marketer.

Backlinking with article marketing is one solid method that brings in a lot of traffic, useful content articles are more successful in referring readers to your websites and these can often be quite targeted too, as ezine publishers constantly mine the article directories searching for content to include in their ezines.

Everything you need to make a whole lot more than 100,000 dollars a year with affiliate programs

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2 comments: on "Starting An Affiliate Campaign From Start To Finish: Part 2: income building revenue streams and online marketing"

Ruthrbns said...

Nice post ! It explains the Affiliate Campaign that which getting revenue from the online marketing. Internet marketing is easy way to get rich very quickly.Most of the peoples working in online business and home based online business. Squeeze pages, its really potential for customers?

Wayne Tully said...

Thanks I want to expand on these posts as there is more detail that I want to add, that I feel would benefit most new affiliate marketers online...

Keep coming back as I have something that will benefit everyone who wants a quick way of starting an affiliate income online.

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