Saturday, 25 August 2007

5 Ways Will Multiply Your Web Traffic

As I'm sure you know already, is taking the
Internet Marketing world by storm.

They've taken the tried-and-true concept of a traffic exchange,
and combined it with the "exit grabber" -- one of this year's
most powerful marketing innovations.

Here's 5 simple ways that will multiply
the traffic coming to your website..

1. takes the traffic that is ALREADY
leaving your website, and turns that traffic into
"credits," which then earns you more traffic. And then,
yes, that new traffic will eventually leave your site,
and earn you credits again! I know it sounds crazy, but
this really does keep looping around over and over...

You have to see it to believe it...

2. You earn credits on everyone you bring into the system,
10 levels deep. So, this "looping" process described
above will be happening to everyone you refer into the
system, and everyone they refer, and then everyone THEY
refer, etc. for 10 levels. Can you handle that?

3. ExitExplosion is rediculously easy to set up on your
web site (it really does take only a few seconds), so
there's no worry that you or anyone you refer will be
able to set it up. This just makes the speed at which
your traffic grows virally that much faster.

4. Their system is based on the revolutionary "ExitGrabber"
technology, which is completely unblockable. So, 100%
of your credits will be put to good use. This has
got to be one of the most reliable ad-delivery methods
to date.

5. It cannot negatively impact your site or your marketing
at all, since it only shows up once it's already
calculated that people are LEAVING your site. Once
someone's already decided to leave, why not at least
turn that into something beneficial?

I could go on and on, but there's only so much you can learn by
me talking. I mean, I could sit here and tell you about how
to play tennis all day, but you'd only really ever learn if you
picked up a racket and gave it a shot, right?

And in this case, since their site is free to use and only takes
a matter of seconds to set up, it's best if you just try it out
for yourself.

You can take it off just as easily if it doesn't work for you.

But I doubt that'd happen :)

Here's the URL for their site:

The Best FREE Traffic System


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Grab Your visitors before they are about to leave your site!

Are People Leaving Your Web Site Without Buying?

This Secret Web Browser "Trick" Will Grab Your Visitors Back Right As They Try To Leave Your Web Site, Boosting Sales By 327%!

The Exit Grabber

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Optimizing Your Site, top ten checklist notes

For best results I have compiled a short checklist of the top things you should check and do on your websites for maximum search engine friendliness.

1. Make sure your best keyword appears in bold somewhere on the top of the page or at the top of the body of your text.

2. So make sure your keyword appears at the beginning and the end of 50 words.

3. Check to make sure no stop words appear in your title tag, as spiders do not like these very much, stop words are words like: and,

4. Make sure your keyword is included in the title.

5. make sure your keyword is in the meta tag keywords list at the beginning.

6. Put your keyword in bold once in your content.

7. Make sure your page content is between 100 and 1400 words.

8. Make sure your keyword is in the first 3 alt image attributes and is in 3 of them in total.

9. Your main keyword should not be over used and should remain at a 2% rate through out your content.

10. Include your keyword in the first heading tag at the top of the page.

Generate targeted traffic to your website

There may be other things you can do, but above all else you should concentrate on making your site filled with informative and relevant content that relates to your main keywords and is SEO friendly.

Web Hosting $4.95 Per Month / Free Domain

EVMINA - FREE Web Directory

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Pro store - An Ebay Company

ProStores, an eBay Company

We are an award-winning ecommerce solution that enables small and medium sized businesses to sell products and services online through a fully customized Web store.
Prostores has made creating a Web store easy for your visitors to subscribe to and use, with built-in, step-by-step wizards that help them design the look of their store, upload products, and set up shipping and sales tax information.

They offer a full suite of functionality to your audience:

Domain registration and hosting
Shopping cart
Secure, SSL-encrypted credit card processing
Integration with eBay and PayPal
Marketing and Merchandising Tools
Product catalog

Free trial

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Focus on building and organizing your lists

What ever online business ventures you are a part of you really need to think about building your lists as these will form the central core of your audience and captivate them through email follow ups, of course you need to seperate from the fact that information is to be presented at a price...your time.

Time is one of the many reasons why people will fail in their new businesses and the lack of managing their time adds to that statistic also, you need to become more organized for your business to succeed.

And organizing your lists are as important, because over time you will have built up several if not at least 20 to 30 (maybe more?) seperate email follow ups in your autoresponder, so naturally you need to be organized so you don't get confused with what your list promotes and delivers what type of content, I myself have a simple method to keep organized.

All you do is create a simple chart with all the list names and you place it where you can see it each day and whenever you add a new list you add it to the chart, you'll want to create a simple byline of what each list is about so you remember not to cross the same content into the other lists, I've found this to be an effective method of keeping my lists organized and plus I see my list chart every time I sit at my computer so I'm always reminded of what goes where.

And this also helps me to focus on bringing my other affiliate campaigns together.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Another FREE place to network

Networking online today we are spoilt for choice with the range of free social networking sites out there and here's another one which is fairly new!

And if you have a paypal account you can earn from it too!

Building up your networks and contacts has never been this much fun until recently.

So if you are a fan of such social networking sites like myspace and Bebo then Yuwie is for you too.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Effective Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo is the fairly recent way of building your own websites without really knowing any html and other web design technical know how to create your site.

Your Squidoo sites are called lenses and with these you can add lots of different module sections to your lens to add varying levels of interest or interactivity such as shopping and online participation such as polls and guestbook discussions.

There are other venues of earning money also, such as Ebay, Amazon and the Superstore aswell as Cafepress and even your own affiliate products and services you wish to promote, but by far the overall efective way of making a great lens is unique and original and thoughtful content and building a lens around this instead of the single idea of earning money, this is an after thought and should not be the sole purpose of you Squidoo lens.

You can add text modules to your lens, which are sort of like mini blog posts these are limited to 2500 characters and you should try and fit some quality content into these, maybe you have a niche about making handbags so you might go through a particular article of finding the right materials to do so, but then you decide to split your article into parts were in each part you describe different aspects of the hand bag niche, thus creating a well looked forward to lens with new updated content being added all the time.

Update and keeping your content fresh on these Squidoo lenses is highly important you should not let your lens go stale as they will slip in the search engine rankings once established, but this should be easy to do if you are really interested and into your niche market area.

Your lenses title and decriptions are important too, as it acts like your website meta tags, so it advisable to place your targeted keywords in here and always keep them optimized and checked against what's being actively searched upon.

Like everywhere on the internet though spam is becoming a problem, just recently Squidoo was google slapped as too many people were spamming the system and causing some of the search engines to drop some listings as it contained duplicate content, but now there are certain points in place to prevent this, even though after all this Squidoo is still highly ranked with the search engines especially Google.

Squidoo is a really easy site to create extra pages to either compliment your own website or blog or just stand alone promotional campaigns for certain hobbies or services and products.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Learn to earn with the affiliate classroom

Join an excellent resource of affiliate marketing support and learning how to's and master the technical side that makes many new affiliate marketers fail because they don't seem to grasp the concepts of true affiliate marketing, learn and earn from a community who do earn and are willing to support and help you grow your online affiliate business.

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long tail keywords and the relevance of them

It is most understood now days that keywords are meant to drive traffic to your sites from the search engines but how do you compete with all the top keywords that the top sites are dominating?

Well there are many ways and some are easier than others, but the one I'd like to mention is the long tail keyword method!

Think about when you yourself search for something online it is usually a good few words strung into a sentence to form a good foundation of search to find the information or products you want so think about what you would type in to your search box, think about your potential visitors and what they might type in.

While it is best when starting your website to target low rated keywords so you can dominate them and start to build up a reputable form of keyword networking on your sites, blog your keywords in the form of anchor text in your many links, cross link everything until you have a good strong network of valid high quality links, any links such as one way links, reciprical links or even if you can manage it three way linking.

Long tail keywords can be from 2 to 6 words or more, but try to research good keywords you can use as a quality phrase that you know people would search for, use the overture tool to research your keywords

Remember long tail keywords are good solid methods of placing your keywords around the internet, so have fun finding new places to add your links and try to vary your keywords and ads so that they don't get penalized as duplicate links or even content.

Wayne Tully

Saturday, 4 August 2007

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Basics of Traffic Generation

If you are like the millions of website owners internet-wide, you have the goal of gaining a massive amount of traffic. By doing what it takes to generate traffic, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits. Some benefits of increased traffic include more sales and more members, which essentially equals more revenue for your business. Of course, we all want to experience more visitors to our site and more revenue, but to do this you must know the essentials of traffic generation.

There are a wide variety of actions you can implement to increase the traffic to your website. Some of these include, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), advertisement, creating links, writing articles, blogs, and making use of forums. Any of these techniques along with a wide variety of others can help you generate traffic to your website. Since we are talking about the basics within the article, we are going to stick with the two easiest forms of traffic generation: links and articles.
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Both of these forms of traffic generation are extremely popular, go together, and work well if done correctly.

Link Building

This is one of the most important aspects of traffic generation. Additionally, this is widely used within SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines look at the number of links to and from a website in order to determine its page rank. Link exchange began long ago as a way to point to sites that you favored or that of friends. Today link exchange works in a lot more ways and generates FREE traffic directly to your website.

There are many ways you can go about building links to your website. One popular way is to take advantage of the many link exchanges available throughout the internet. This is the practice of placing your website link on the website of another and then placing their link on your website. This is also known as reciprocal links. If you think about it, it is free advertisement for your site. Because there are so many websites that participate in link exchanges, you would probably want to take advantage of an automated software to help you with this. The software would find the link exchanges for you and even fill in parts of the different fields for you.

Another way to take advantage of using links is to add your website link into the signature of every forum or blog post, and email you write. More people look at this information than you think and could be an excellent form of advertisement.

Using Articles to Boost Your Traffic

Yes, articles, just like the one you are reading, can be used to generate a massive amount of traffic for your website. If you are a great writer, the process is easy. First, you choose a topic of internet for your readers. This topic should have something to do with your website such as the services you offer, the products you sell, or your website in general. You can place a direct link to your website several times within the article. One thing you definitely want to include in all of your articles is a “Resource Box”. This resource box allows you to tell a little bit about yourself, your company, and provide a link to your website.

Even if you are not a writer, there are many freelance writers all over the web that will be happy to help you. After the article is written, you would submit to the many article directories and watch your traffic grow enormously.

List Building 101

Wayne Tully