Sunday, 12 August 2007

Focus on building and organizing your lists

What ever online business ventures you are a part of you really need to think about building your lists as these will form the central core of your audience and captivate them through email follow ups, of course you need to seperate from the fact that information is to be presented at a price...your time.

Time is one of the many reasons why people will fail in their new businesses and the lack of managing their time adds to that statistic also, you need to become more organized for your business to succeed.

And organizing your lists are as important, because over time you will have built up several if not at least 20 to 30 (maybe more?) seperate email follow ups in your autoresponder, so naturally you need to be organized so you don't get confused with what your list promotes and delivers what type of content, I myself have a simple method to keep organized.

All you do is create a simple chart with all the list names and you place it where you can see it each day and whenever you add a new list you add it to the chart, you'll want to create a simple byline of what each list is about so you remember not to cross the same content into the other lists, I've found this to be an effective method of keeping my lists organized and plus I see my list chart every time I sit at my computer so I'm always reminded of what goes where.

And this also helps me to focus on bringing my other affiliate campaigns together.
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