Monday, 28 April 2008

Squidoo And Hub Pages - Building Free Web Pages That Contribute To The Internet Community

Squidoo and hub pages, to name the top two at the moment, are content driven sites that pull visitors into their web pages, they are free pages that can be nearly about any topic, (except the illegal kind)and they are one page one stops for the information andthey must provide some sort of unique content that no one has ever come across beforehand.

Earning opportunities are present within these two online publishing giants, which helps to motivate some, but frustrates others who expect it to earn them money over night!

Any type of blogging is a gradual process and blogs and articles on blogs don't usually become successful until usually a year to two years of hard work, writing new content for your blog.

The internet is all about content that informs, content that builds on ones knowledge, that is the main concept to remember about the world wide web, it's a community of information makers and you could be one of the very best.
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2 comments: on "Squidoo And Hub Pages - Building Free Web Pages That Contribute To The Internet Community"

Joseph said...

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your article about Squidoo and Hub pages. I've just gone through StomperNet SMARTS program to learn all about social media sites and they also focussed on these two sites as well.

Anyway, thanks for your article. I'll visit again soon.

Warm Regards,
Joseph Park
Affiliate Marketing

Wayne Tully said...

Yes social networking sites are one of the top forms of online marketing now and should be used wisely and how they were intended to be used as a social tool, I usually set a side a few hours a week to be a social person online.


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