Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mark Ling Affilorama 6 Part Video Affiliate Marketing Course

Here are 6 videos that go through the overview of steps to take for starting an affiliate maketing campaign, how to do so depends on really how well you plan the steps that are presented here.

Part 1 - How to make money online through affiliate marketing.
The first video is an introduction into what affiliate marketing is for any new people who have never heard the term before.

Part 2 - How to set up a basic website
An overview of basic webpage set up with free software nvu and it is just that basic!

Part 3 - Essential Parts Of Affiliate Websites And Landing Pages

A look at actual case studies and examples of affiliate websites and landing page samples to look at.

Part 4 - Finding Profitable Affiliate Niche Markets

How to find a profitable affiliate market to earn from, tips and techniques of a 3 step process.

Part 5 - How To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Search engine optimization and other strategies for driving new visitors to your website.

Part 6 - Other Methods To Get Traffic To Your Website

Other methods of getting visitors to your website, including pay per click,(ppc)press releases and many more ideas for you to go through.

Bonus Video - Affiliate networks and Clickbank

All about affiliate networks and one of the popular digital affiliate marketplace.

Now this Affilorama video course was a free video course that hopefully you have gone through, but there is an upgrade for an affiliate premium membership were you can learn more in depth affiliate marketing strategies, so I'd recommend you do go to Affilorama to see more information about making money from affiliate programs.
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3 comments: on "Mark Ling Affilorama 6 Part Video Affiliate Marketing Course"

revantflani said...

I like the post. Here is another guy showing us how to make even more online. This guy is showing me the ropes and it hasn’t cost me anything. It is free. Sign up and watch the cool video where he logs into his account and shows us how much he makes.

Wayne Tully said...

Free teachings and tutorials are all the rage, congratulations on the great find, I've found lots of free information all over the internet, if you put in the hard work of research you can find out lots of interesting stuff without paying at all.

Rodney said...

Yes, Affilorama has some great free courses. They also have some excellent courses that give you the education you need for advancing your career. We did a review of their affiliate marketing training courses.

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