Saturday, 6 December 2008

Promoting A Series Of Related Affiliate Programs

All the affiliate programs you start to promote must be towards some kind of plan.

Doing this is a simple step by step process that starts off with a list of daily activities, steps that must get done each day have to be done first thing, no checking your email for the latest junk, save that until there's nothing left to do, have a laugh at the email you get at this moment, because you know full well you have done your important work before handling the daily chores of spam email and rummaging through the junk mail and blog comments.

To promote a series of affiliate programs in your promotional calendar, there are two things that must be imprinted in your mind.

1. Your plan has to cover everything you need to go through, try to fit everything in a routine week, each day has it's main focus and keep with it forever, this will set you apart from those who just cannot be bothered.

2. An in depth handle on the products you are promoting, this can catapult your sales conversions further if you implement this with solid marketing methods, more over an understanding of what the product could offer any potential buyers really helps you get attention.

A lot of the focus comes from being direct in your approach and being consistent with the exact marketing methods you are best at, for me, I would hazard a guess that my best marketing approach is through free advertising and article content, so I focus on these two methods like the plague.

Earning from many affiliate promotions you have been running can make the difference from only earning from one in contrast to several income streams. Therefore, dust off that thinking cap and get to work, because no one else is going to do it for you.
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2 comments: on "Promoting A Series Of Related Affiliate Programs"

Making money online said...

Thanks for this post Wayne - my new year's resolution is to get more organised!

Wayne Tully said...

Hey that's my new years resolution too, that and make all this online blogging and writing a full time income!

Cheers for the comment!
Much appreciated!

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