Sunday, 13 July 2008

Researching A Clickbank Product For The Benefits

When it comes to be a reseller for clickbank or an affiliate for that matter, you really need to study that sales page for that affiliate product that you want to earn affiliate commissions for, there are key areas of that sales page that matter to the potential customer and the product creator, the customer wants something that is going to help them and solve their problem, that they have searched online for, and then the product creator wants to make a sale from targeted visitors that reach their sales page and also help people with their new product.

The things that are most important on a sales page are:

A description that is easily understood of what the product actually is!

The benefits of that product, What it will do for the buyer!

How much they are charging and that it is stated clearly!

A guarantee of some sort, just in case!

Any bonuses or time limited discounts!

These points should be included in your recommendations or reviews of the product, either on your website or blog and you really need to focus on an honest review of the product, maybe you have an email list that you want to communicate with your subscribers or audience this way.

Taking a look through the Clickbank marketplace you will find allsorts of niche targeted products such as ebooks and even full memberships with recurring income for the affiliate, again it might come down to how well the sales page has been written, if it is true to the promises that it says the product will deliver, that's why sometimes it is best to own the product you are promoting as it makes it easier to recommend.

I tend to go with an affiliate product that tells a story at the start of the sales page and then leads into the benefits and actual descriptions of the product, then it might tell you how the product creator has built up their business by using this method of theirs, that sort of thing!

Of course there are certain marketers out there who have no intention of really helping people, they just want to get the money, which is fine, but established success is built on top of being an expert or being percieved as an expert.

So always look deep into the sales page, look past beyond the hype, find the benefits, get a grasp on what the product does, and get your marketing head out of the sand!

It's Clickbank Time
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