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The Power Of Blogging And Earning Profits Online Combined

Trying to earn online there are several methods, but one of the easiest ways of setting things up is with a blog, finding your topic and writing unique and original content about your main topic.

The Niche Data Base is a unique place where you can find unique niche market content, find everything you can on your niche or one that interests you as a blog niche option.

Branding your ideas and the fact that they are actually written by you and that you are an expert is what you want to achieve with your blog, but what about earning money from your blog, how is this possible?

Several methods include the most popular such as Adsense, but then there are other methods of CPA ads you can place on your blogs, also you could get paying advertisers to pay you a set fee for a limited amount of time, these could be sponsored advertisements that pay you residually how ever long the advertiser wants to keep their ad on your blog.

Blogging 101- Blogging Your Way To Profits!

This method of blog paid advertising relies heavily on quite a lot of traffic from visitors to your blog and of course to get advertisers you need to be displaying your subscriber stats and as much information as possible relating to your traffic to prove that you are getting or have a good amount of readers and have not fiddled the numbers!

Feedburner is a good statistical counter of your subscribers to your RSS feed, so find the code to add your reader stats to your blog, this is the first type of information that advertisers will look for.

Also you may want to add a seperate page that will go over your advertising package and what you offer, this type of page does not have to be fancy or anything, just set out the details of what you offer, I would get this page done as soon as you have a blog and regularly update it later on, once you have built up more traffic you review it every now and again, to see if it is still correct.

Whenever you review pages or blog posts, this is called an audit and this means you go through the page in detail, maybe ask feedback from your visitors and find out what they might suggest to make it clearer or what they don't like about the page, reader feedback is essential for your future blogs success!

Earning profits online in other ways

Creating a product around your niche or topic is one great way of earning from your blogging, and it is much easier to do this with simple payment processors as Paypal or even clickbank or Paydotcom with Clickbank you have to pay a fee for the priviledge of adding your product to the clickbank payment system.

Combining income streams is an effective way of building up your income with your blogging, but this should be done one income stream at a time, as you need to measure each streams results to see what doesn't work and what does.

As a researcher in this field myself and a continual learner in earning online methods I am finding out that without traffic and indeed(obviously a readership!)visitors you will not make much money at all, the first stages of blogging are writing a good amount of content, then finding other similar blogs to yours and building up relationships with these bloggers, this brings in more readers eventually, but don't expect this overnight, it takes a good 3 to 6 months for this to take effect or be noticable and be aware that your feed stats will fluctuate each day and is not a totally accurate count but it serves the purpose of showing the count as is and nothing more!

Bloggers - Earn between $20 to $200 with
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