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14 Ways To Promote An Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing brings with it all sorts of marketing obstacles, but if you know what you are doing and what to o it's just a case of doing it really!

Here is 14 ways I would promote an affiliate link for your best affiliate program, your top converting affiliate program deserves the best marketing potential and these methods are all good ways that have been used over and over with high results more affiliates from all over the world.

Just remember the more creative you are and not run of the mill you will be far more successful than most affiliates....Two tier affiliate programs anyone?

1. An Email List

If you have an email list and a few subscribers, it is worth creating a email series that targets your main affiliate product topic and write some useful content around it, with your affiliate links placed within the content, you could leverage your expertise here and build some trust along the way and income, but you do have to grow your subscriber list for this method to be effective, so now a good time to start!

2. Create A Report

Create a free report, pdf or online report, about or closely related to the product you are promoting and place your affiliate link within, the content that you write about will help build you up an the product, providing more information and customers are likely to buy from you or at the very least visit your website from the link you put in your report.

3. A Domain Name Link

By having your own domain name for each affiliate will help you build some professional links too within link directories, so find as many free link directories as possible and submit your links in the categories for your site.

4. An article or blog post, website content place a keyword text link that is highly relevant within the content of your articles, not really needing to be prominent links, just deep within the content information, this provides somewhere for your readers to click and follow on from your useful information.

5. Craigslist Ad - Writing a Craigslist ad to target the classified ad searchers and provide a small introduction to your affiliate offer, this is a quick and easy way of driving some traffic to your affiliate promotion if you write with search engine optimization in mind and the searchers who will find your ad if you add the right keywords.

6. Focused Blog/Website
- Create a targeted and specific blog or website which concentrates it's focus on one affiliate program alone and you could write articles around your affiliate product and subject far more convincingly plus you could build up your reviews and recommendations over time with valuable and targeted content.

7. Write a detailed review, one that explains the benefits and everything possible for people to make their own minds up about buying your promoted product, this follows on from having your own blog or website really, but it is extremely effective.

8. Your own web hosting account - Having your own web hosting account for your affiliate campaigns and promotions works particularly well for html and php redirects and other things like domain forwarding of your affiliate links and other redirection techniques.

9. Joining forums
- Related forums of the niche that your intended customers hang out in, spamming is not an option here, but rather get to know other people, the top users in the forum, answer questions find potential networks or partnerships that will benefit you and your promotions later on.

10. Blog Commenting - A comment on a related blog or blog post, try and go for the do-follow comment boxes if you can, but even so a well commented blog works just as good to be a part of the discussion early on, just like in the forums.

11. Email signatures
- Attach your best converting affiliate link to your outgoing email, every time you send and email out make sure it is highly relevant to whatever you are emailing, this provides and extra process for you to receive some traffic off your everyday emailing.

12. Social network profiles - Build up a few social networks on your profile page and add a couple of targeted links for new friends to come and check out, building communities are one of the top ways of driving your affiliate income upwards just like through blogs and forums.

13. Article Writing - Write articles and submit them to article directories (affiliate links are not usually allowed within article directories) so have a good portion of your articles content or the other side as it were, so that you can provide a valid doorway into your affiliate promotion through great content.

14. Joint Ventures
- Joint venture with a business partner, who has a similar site, but not in the exact same market or in direct competition as you, and all you do is swap affiliate links or auto responder emails, which in turn meas you are promoting each other stuff, but what is really effective if one of you has the bigger subscriber list, this could be a good partnership method for targeted affiliate link marketing.

What other methods would you suggest to drive traffic through your affiliate link?

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6 comments: on "14 Ways To Promote An Affiliate Link"

Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider said...

Although its becoming scary nowadays and more of a 'big boy sport' there's also PPC, and there's also the 'in-thing' marketing.

Good suggestions. Some of these I overlook.

Wayne Tully said...

Oh yeah video marketing is another one, I've got a post in draft all about that one.

PPC I've never had the balls to use yet as I need to know I won't waste my money, so I've got to research that one too.

Marc Marseille said...

Greate List...Another great way to promote your affiliate links is through social networking sites such as Facebook,My Space, Twitter, Stumble Upon...ETC

Wayne Tully said...

Yes that is true, social networks are THE way to go for some targeted community promotions, I wonder if the profile pages are the dominant factor or just being active in the social community as a whole.

Cheers for your comment!

Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider said...

Wayne, I think the Facebook, Myspace warrants discussion on a major level. I read a newsletter last night that made me think a bit.

Here's an excerpt of the bit that interested me:

"The great thing about Facebook is, if you own your own website, you can put your Facebook listing on your site and encourage visitors
to add you to their Facebook. You don't have to chat with them every day or anything. It doesn't have to be run in the same way you run your personal Facebook account. What it does mean is that if you ever send a message to anyone on your Facebook account, you'll find that the message gets through a LOT more than email marketing gets through.

There are a lot of spam blockers around that stop your emails getting through. Yet Facebook is pretty new, yet MILLIONS of people are on there every day and messages DO get through. So you may wish to add that to your strategy, this is an advanced idea worth thinking about."

Whatcha think?

Wayne Tully said...

Yeah I do see some internet marketers already using the Facebook messaging quite frequently, Joel comm to name one that I receive through Facebook groups and such and this could be part of a long running email messaging strategy the could run along side any other email lists we may have.

Some of my Facebook stuff that seems to get traffic is some of the strange drawings of fantasy art that I do frequently, other than that my internet marketing or affiliate recommendations quite largely get ignored!

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