Friday, 17 October 2008

Set Up A Couple Of Seasonal Affiliate Campaigns

Seasonal affiliate campaigns should be worked out in advance and added to on a regular basis, updates are made to keep the content fresh and affiliate links working correctly.

A handful of seasonal affiliate promotions work well in times of slow income when your other affiliate programs may slump slightly throughout the year, so for example seasonal means something an event or holiday that only happens once a year can be accounted for by planning beforehand with your affiliate promotional campaigns.

Halloween, Christmas and Thanks Giving are a couple of examples, but also what about themed year round promotions on birthdays, things like this have long term income involved if you do it right, and residual income is what affiliate marketers should include in their online earnings portfolio.

Side earnings are always best earned on the side of your main promotions, ones which take minimal though, moderate planning, but effectively they run themselves with little supervision.

I have recently taken time out to promote a collection of halloween lenses on squidoo as an example for our purposes here, the first one of these niche specific seasonal lenses halloweencostumes4u is not perfect, but it's a start, one that could improve with time each year, this is how your affiliate promotions happen, they are built, refined, optimized and fine tuned to what works.

So remember seasonal could also mean other things like:-

* Easter
* Valentines Day
* Country Specific Holidays
* National Whatever Days
* New Year
* Sports Events
* Anniversaries Of Any Kind
* Parties And Celebrations

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