Thursday, 16 October 2008

Amazon Associate Control Panel Gets A Face Lift

Throughout the time I have been using amazon as an affiliate or as Amazon itself refers to us affiliates as associates, I have been really impressed with the control panel that they provided, it had everything you could need, reports on all of your 100 astore id's, banners, links and specific widgets to promote any product within the Amazon product database, but now they have updated and improved much on the layout of the control panel due to extensive customer feedback of it's use by amazon affiliates.

Now they have a tool called site stripe which you can link up from any amazon page when you yourself are viewing or searching for any amazon items, this makes it far quicker to link to the right product items and quickly embed links into your content on your blog for example, also the layout of all the tabs and other promotional tools are all laid out at the top rather than just the side which was as it was previous, this way you can find and locate certain things that much quicker and also build your affiliate campaigns faster too.

Plus you can add links to your affiliate astores direct from Amazons main website, making it far easier to add product links from any page and any product straight to your amazon astore - which is your mini affiliate store.

I'll keep you more informed of the latest updates soon, until I've had a chance to play around with them.

If you have not joined Amazon as an affiliate yet, I highly recommend you do as it is free like it should be and it's a great training ground for all the affiliate tools and practice runs for being a super affiliate.
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