Sunday, 19 October 2008

Shareasale Affiliate Network Review is one of the premier affiliate networks that you can use to set up base as an affiliate marketer of whatever affiliate programs you wish.

This is the page were you can search and join the available affiliate programs, bare in mind that the few pay per click programs, you have to have a full account and that is when you have earnt your first check. Learn how Shareasale can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.

All the tracking is included within your account with lots of features to add to your affiliate marketing experience, I recommend you use as much as possible, so that you can maximize your affiliate campaigns and money made with affiliate programs.

The other useful affiliate tools that are in your Shareasale affiliate network account are as follows:-

Your affiliate activity and reports statistics
- These are great for finding out what links and affiliate programs got clicks and more important sales, you should get to know your shareasale stats intimately.

Locate Merchants on the Shareasale network, see what deals they have to offer and build affiliate relationships with affiliate merchants.

Get Your Promotional Links - Find all the links and promotional tools that your chosen merchants have to help each individual affiliate earn commissions, banners, text links, data feeds, videos, widgets or even use the create a page tool for a page full of products.
Also find out if some of your links are out of date with the invalid link report just like at Commission Junction links will appear in your account when they are clicked on and they are indeed invalid.

Tools Section
- is also worth a look for advanced affiliate methods with rss feeds and the integration of the deals database with rss or xml, and using the video builder to create videos from your existing video footage recorded elsewhere, plus support from the shareasale forum.

What I find really good is a small section below your account table showing links to seasonal holiday promotions which I recommend everyone should have in their affiliate portfolio
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2 comments: on "Shareasale Affiliate Network Review"

Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider said...

Unfortunately, Shareasale seems not to know of the existence of my country. I live in the Caribbean on a small island called St Vincent and couldn't find it in the drop down list while I was signing up.

I sent them an email about it but I didn't like the response. I think it might be a good network for those who it allows but its not much different to Linkshare and CJ.

Anyway, thank for the comment on my blog.

Wayne Tully said...

The internet is a great place to pick and choose your networks for affiliate programs, so it'd be there loss quite frankly.

I was impressed by your focused blog with your wealthy affiliate program, alot of bloggers go off on an everything and the kitchen sink blogathon, but yours is a highly focused job, well done!!

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