Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Single Affiliate Promotion Start Up!

I have been going through my many promotions and I thought I'd share with you a simple plan of action for starting to earn through an affiliate program and following through with actually gaining new customers and affiliate commissions.

Now before I start, my affiliate campaigns are based solely on trial and error and a lot of research in the area of affiliate marketing, so I'm no way a top expert, but rather a conditioned professional(eh?)

Finding an affiliate program, product or service

Now to start off with I assume you know that affiliate marketing if done right can and will require a lot of effort, but once you have one affiliate campaign up and running, then in theory you move onto the next affiliate campaign, either to compliment your existing affiliate promotion or within a completely new niche market area.

Affiliate products can be found anywhere
, in affiliate networks, a search on Google or your favourite top marketing guru ( They are happy clapping affiliate marketers at heart!)
At first try to find your affiliate program or product within your own area of expertise, because if you do that you reinforce your own strengths and capabilities and the stronger your product reviews and affiliate content will be for your campaign.

Only once you have your affiliate product in line with your affiliate plan can you proceed to the actual affiliate marketing core of promotions, by using a handful of diverse marketing methods you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin, but if you plan your marketing outright, there should be no reason why this method will not work to your advantage.

All the top methods for online marketing include in no particular order:

Article marketing

Link Submission

Email Marketing

Content Reviews

Joint Ventures



In between these there will be other top marketing golden nuggets that you might become an expert at, but one that I highly recommend you start to try and have a go at is affiliate marketing within social media sites, because this way of using affiliate marketing can be quite lucrative and also creative if you soon realize that spamming is not the way to go inside of the most popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.

Whatever collections of methods you choose to market your chosen affiliate programs, you need to know every possible outcome and result from your efforts and you find this information out through website stats, most webhosting accounts come with a control panel that has a web stats package, but some find these inaccurate at the best of times, so the free Google analytics script may be used to find all of the conversion metrics and other stats information about your search engine visitors, keyword arrivals, daily hits, clicks and bounce rates.

By analyzing your results you are off to a better start with all of your online promotions if you know what keywords people are using to find your site and whatever else, by building relevant affiliate links over time within your sites content you are increasing your chances of building your affiliate earnings in the long run.

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