Thursday, 27 November 2008

5 Affiliate Trials And Errors To Use For Testing

Through affiliate marketing I have found many sources of information online, but for the most part the information that I have found and read only describes one half of the solution because the other half is actually taking action by trial and error to see what works well and what needs to be thrown out.

Today I would like to go through 5 trials that any affiliate should be doing in their affiliate business and by trials I mean affiliates taking action and doing things to a plan, then I will follow these 5 with 5 errors that you as a performance marketer should be avoiding altogether.

5 trials of an affiliate

1. Test ad networks for good ad click throughs and metrics, Adsense, Kontera, try links within content, ad placements on targeted websites, check the stats for the keywords for context links so they are super relevant. It takes a lot of work to test and track, but as an affiliate you should get used to this way of analyzing the stats to your advantage, but don't over obsess with your stats.

2. Split test different opt in forms if you have them on your website, you could have one static sign up form and one pop up or pop under form, see which one converts to more subscribers after a couple of weeks, then choose the best one, simple as!
Testing out different formats is what trial and error is for in the world of any affiliate business or other online business type, so use the power of tested results to further your earnings, visitors and click throughs.

3. Always try to evaluate your affiliate marketing plan to see if you are headed in the right direction or if you need to improve in some areas, do this once a month to measure results that you track anyway.
Ask for feedback from your visitors, reades of your blog, or emails, the more problems you help people overcome, the more you'll be able to plan stuff ahead to present to your customer base for each affiliate merchant promotion.

4. When starting out on a potential affiliate campaign, test your promotions and content on a free blog for a whole month and track all results that occur, this way no money is lost and it places a safety net around your bank balance, if there are no strong conversions after a month or so, either you could decide to keep it and try harder or move on to something else.

5. See what other people in the affiliate marketing world are up to and replicate their success, use bits and pieces from each of their strategies that they use, maybe they have certain promotions and ways of promoting that are an expertise for them, try what they do and see what happens.
You'll often find other top people in the affiliate niche, because they have blogs that have lots of readers, so snoop around and find out some new stuff, you never know you might hit on something you have not tried yet.

So really trial and error is just something that should be done on all levels, anything that can be tried and tested avoids the errors later on...

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