Friday, 7 November 2008

Are You A Super Affiliate?

Well are you?

Somewhere in time I bet you want to be, like the rest of us who do affiliate marketing to supplement our normal jobs income we want to build up a level of income that beats any other time wasting real life employment where we work for our money instead of working when we want taking control of our financial and spare time.

Super Affiliates are those special people who are able to promote anything, like selling glasses to a blind man, they have that skill, which is a collection of skills, all these talents come under lots of skill categories such as seo, marketing, writing and other optimized tests of conversions. But the ultimate factor is they make sales regularly an build up multiple streams of income.

Building your super affiliate pathway is beyond the scope of just technical skills, but is more on a par with the entrepreneurs spirit one that involves taking informed risks and doing something each day in marketing and promotions. Having a hand in all the available affiliate campaigns that you are comfortable with is the way to go.

Starting out in affiliate marketing, then this quick video might be for you by Shawn Collins a prolific super affiliate who has a top notch blog, in this video he goes through how he would start in affiliate marketing today - Watch it now if you are a new affiliate!

Learn from those super affiliates that are earning is the only way you can be a super affiliate.

The Super Affiliate Handbook: How Rosalind Gardner Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online

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