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Junk The Junk Affiliates Start With The Good Affiliates

It comes a time within your affiliate journey that you just might need to get rid of some of the programs that aren't converting well in your affiliate marketing plan, I call this quite simply - Junk the crap!.

As an affiliate starter we try and join just about every program there is and we get overwhelmed by the prospect of promoting them all at once, I know I've been there, quite often the best thing a new affiliate could do is start one program at a time, make it successful, then let it run itself and then move on to the next.

But this is a process that must be broken down into easily managed steps for it to work well for you, do you ever start to sculpt a nude statue of Paris Hilton without a reference photo? it'll probably look nothing like her and would just be a nude statue of any women, which will look good anyway, but that's beside my point, breaking things down into easy manageable steps is really the best course of action anyone can do with any affiliate program promotion. By having a reliable back up plan to rely on could also save you the headache of losing time and wasting your effort on junk affiliate programs.

Let's take a look at the popular Clickbank market place for an example. Over there Clickbank has lots of digital products, such as ebooks, software and even membership sites, but if you take a good well informed look and study most of the products there, you will find that over half of them are low quality, quick fix, regurgitated rubbish that has been lifted from other sites in one form or another. The top performing clickbank products that are the bestsellers even may not be quality products, they might just be lead ins to buy something else (back end sales make more for affiliates than most other marketing strategies!)

The signs of a bad junk affiliate program is one were there is no real value and the quality of the product is either not very coherent in the text if it is an ebook or the software itself has numerous bugs and doesn't really match up to what was promised on the sales page, all of these things you should be able to recognize with a little affiliate experience as you go on with it.
Once you keep on top of the affiliate pulse of getting on top of new affiliates that arise in your niche, the better your chances with building up an ongoing relationship with individual affiliate merchants and company affiliates that belong to networks.

Taking your time to weed out the bad affiliates should be a brutal process, set yourself a realistic time frame for it's success, although don't spend too much time on them, unless they convert your affiliate sales into regular ones and maybe in the beginning promote them anonymously so no one can associate the bad recommendation with you if all goes bad, of course this process is a necessity to find out if they are just junk and not a fit for you and your affiliate business.

The good quality affiliate programs are those that don't make outlandish claims and they look very professional in design and offer lots of tools to help you promote them, but they may go beyond the simple tool box approach, they may offer free training on affiliate marketing in the form of a report or ebook and actually provide a way to contact them, if it's part of an affiliate network then an appointed affiliate manager will be on hand to help you out with any support issues you need answering. A good affiliate programs web copy will motivate you and inspire with words of encouragement to help you earn commissions, because if you make a sale, then they earn money too.

On both sides of the affiliate program referring actions it could be argued that the person who refers the sales as the affiliate is merely building someone else's business in return of a percentage and that's fine, because you should always stick to this principal yourself for your own affiliate business, because once you become fairly adept at making affiliate sales and bringing in affiliate checks you can then work in creative ways yourself to earn more money and build your business up too through multiple income streams. Affiliate marketing eventually works both ways, the more you bring in sales for certain merchants the more doors it'll open up for you in the long run.

The old saying of 'would you like fries' brings a prominent meaning to the marketing of related affiliate programs or systems that can be promoted together and that one leads directly into the other for maximum effect in clicks, sales or simple relevancy, typically the old marketing ploy of back end sales and supposed one time offers still works today as most of the guru's swear b it for that high end income stream that turns one sale into 2 to 4, while his form of affiliate marketing shouldn't be ruled out, it should be used sparingly for your best affiliate promotion.
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