Monday, 3 November 2008

Does The Thought Of Earning Money Online Cloud Your Judgement?

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When we start out online in whatever we want to begin to achieve with our blogs, websites, web pages or our own little corner of the internets online publishing, there maybe a top reason why we started all this in the first place and that folks is money!

Money makes the world go around, but imagine earning money whilst doing the things that you love to do online at home,for most of us this is the main problem, we start out with good intentions of building up something great then we try and monetize everything, which is all very nice and a good path to follow, but this has a tendency to cloud our judgement in other areas.

So for instance, when I first started this blog over 2 years ago, I was intitially unsure of the direction starting out and it really started off as an all round earning online blog and it was an unfocused written blog that was purely driven to make money by whatever means, this clouded my judgement in the following areas:-

A) All I thought about was finding affiliate products to promote, regardless of the quality of them, this became the norm for a few weeks when I realised that this did not bring in any money whatsoever.

B) The above action had a negative impact on writing useful content that would benefit people,as no one was going to read affiliate ad after affiliate ad.

C) My motivation suffered as a result of not doing the right thing that took some required effort, thus an updated blog was not maintained for awhile.

Of course there were other elements that clouded my judgement, but I overcame these by not just thinking about the money, of course monetizing your online world is a factor that is in the background, but overall the content has to be a good chunk of applied time and effort to make any website a success.

Over time things progress and become what they are now, still with a few kinks, but far better than before, this blog is an affiliate marketing blog resource that totally focuses on issues surrounding affiliate earning, affiliate news and any other thing that affiliate marketing is and what it means to me and YOU the reader!

So if this post serves as a reminder to anyone that you should not just think about the money, but the marketing, the writing, the editing, and all the other technical skills you may need to make your online world a truthful vision, one that stays true to you and what you are about!
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