Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Stressed With Affiliate Marketing? 5 Simple Ways To Beat It

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Ever get stressed with affiliate marketing?

Just chill out for gods sake!

Being an affiliate is easy, but earning through it takes time, just like a proper business and not some over night rich quick set up.

Stress becomes a part of any life situation and it's how you handle it that matters, frustration becomes stress at some point and stress leads to all sorts of ill health and lack of motivation in your affiliate business.

Stress from affiliate marketing can manifest in many ways and some ways to overcome these are simple ones, hey it could help!!

1. Do anything but affiliate promotions or online stuff, go and draw, paint, do whatever you do offline to relax, this will help you in may ways to become refreshed to come back an hour, a day or even a week later.

2. Instead of trying the tried and tested ways of affiliate marketing, which you should not abandon, try something wacky or off the wall, original and in a totally different direction to other affiliates, changing track could be just what your bank balance ordered.

3. Keep things organized and in their place. I know this sounds obvious, but there were countless times when I first started out, looking for bits of paper with user names and passwords and getting myself all worked up because I couldn't find them. Instead write all of your usernames in a small notebook, or even better on an encrypted file on disk or your computer.

4. A good way of dealing with stress in your online business is having something to punch, and no not a close by employee (Although if they are annoying I wouldn't blame you!) I recently got a brand new punch bag and I hang it up outside my office space, so when I feel like a bit of one on one with the old bag, I ask the wife (no just kidding!)

5. Perhaps the best one out of the lot is just keep learning about affiliate marketing, learning new things takes time sure but the satisfaction of getting things right from the trial and error aspects of the affiliate marketing way just gives your confidence a boost. I know I still have a few things to learn about the more technical parts of say data feeds and things like that, but I know full well that if I do a bit of research and actually follow through on that study with action I would have worked it out and I'd feel quite chuffed.
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