Friday, 7 November 2008

Ad Revenue Run Down Of The More Popular Earners

Ad revenue is another important income stream that many affiliate marketers use on their websites to add to their internet income, advertising is a really targeted stream of income for anyone who has a website, although it's not for everyone.

But if you're curious about trying any of these then just take a look and try them out.




Amazon Content Links


Some I'm more experienced at using because I've tested them out on other blogs and websites. The best thing to do is test and trial all the ways you could possible feature and optimize these sorts of ads, play around with the positioning of them on your site and just generally experiment with everything to do with your ads customization and other settings.

Content links work quite well within your sites content as deep links that are anchored towards relevant information on your site.

Other one that I have not tried out yet is Chitika but I eventually will try this one out and I just might have a blog in mind to trial it out soon.
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