Friday, 9 May 2008

What is product splintering?

Well product splintering is when you have one product and you then come up with other products that are similar to the first, but are sort of like variations on the original product.

By splintering your first product idea, you gain an advantage over others who do not do the same, take a look at the big supermarkets who employ the product splinter strategy, they have one product and then they produce several variations on the original brand product, thus creating lots of profit potential

Internet marketers do alot of sub niche marketing which diverts customers into seperate paths to take giving potential buyers good purchasing choices to make up their own minds, your products could be priced differently too and contain different angles of the same niche, meaning multiple questions get answered in each information product but obviously all very valuable to the buyer.

I first realised the power of product splintering when I realised that supermarkets were using the strategy and made it obvious, especially as they tried to mimic the top brands packaging in some way, and plus the supermarkets own brands would be competitively cheaper to compete with the top product for that consumer category.

Whenever you are in your local supermarket, really take a look what's on the shelf and see how you can apply simple marketing strategies to your online efforts based on the simple marketing gimmicks that we pass by everyday.
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2 comments: on "What is product splintering?"

princeify said...

hello wayne,
i must confess,i love your blog and especially your blogs header,how can i get one like that?u have a very informative and educative site here,keep it up.

Wayne Tully said...

Thank you for your comments. first of all you can get very good free headers if you search google, I know full well I will not settle for the one I have for long, as I am a designer, So I shall be creating my own.

Online businesses are to be progressed, not instantly grown!


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