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Video Marketing With Youtube And Other Video Sharing Sites

Video marketing is one of them marketing methods that has become something of a phenomenon and you can easily start this promotion method with videos related to your affiliate niche, all you need is a flip camera or something that takes clear video footage, but also you could invest in some screen capture software like Camtasia(free to use for 30 days on a trial basis!) and do related video tutorials on the websites you actually view on screen and you will also need a good headset with a microphone to add narration to your useful videos.

I recently started some video marketing with two Youtube accounts

One for - Affiliate Marketing

And one for my - Fantasy Art Drawing

There are some ways of promoting videos that seem to work well, now my affiliate marketing youtube channel needs a good focused effort because everyone and their grandmother is doing or attempting affiliate marketing through Yotube so there is a case of people getting fed up with it, but if you try and come across genuine, then that's all you can hope for, so that's why the view counts are quite low, but with a little promotion here and there I'm sure I can boost up the views on these videos when I also create some more to add to this account!

The titles of your youtube videos, seems to make all the difference as to get the views, because I've tested this with my fantasy art drawing account with similar types of videos, but with different titles and the more specific but shorter titles seem to get the most views and of course the ones that are being searched for too.

The marketing aspect comes into it when you place a relevant website url right at the beginning of your video description and it would be a good idea to direct people who may watch the video to click on that url particularly if they found the video interesting, you can easily do this with Camtasia or even Windows Movie Maker software if you have it, by adding titles and credits to the start and end of your videos, but also on Youtube with video annotations too.

Also when you are talking in the video you can say to click the link too, then you cover all of your marketing objectives with one or even a set of related videos.

Of course Youtube is the biggest and most popular video uploading site on the planet, but there are others who come within the top ten video sharing sites:





Blip TV

There are some others too, just do a search for them, or join Tubemogul and submit your videos to around 15 to 20 video sharing sites at once(bare in mind that a few won't be relevant video sites to upload to, but the thoughts there at least!)

When I am video marketing, I tend to do short 3 minute videos if possible, because the attention span of people watching videos is like non existent as they want to either be entertained or learn something new in a few minutes of their time and if you do this consistently then they will subscribe and be a repeat visitor of your video channels for a long time and even spread the word to their friends too.(Word of mouth is viral marketing!)

Also it is a great idea to keep an eye on the top video channels in your niche, because you can get ideas for how they get lots of views to their videos and apply them to your own way of video marketing, this could be to do with video tags or the titles they write, but also they may have a large network elsewhere with which to share their niche videos, so wherever possible try and spread out your videos by embedding them in relevant places across the net and start building your own networks in your affiliate niche.

Video marketing is a great method to use in your marketing campaigns and should be a top performer for years to come as the internet advances even more with media sharing and everything starts to become inter connecting and all interest search based like it is now!

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