Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 Members Area Review

Here is a short video I created, showing you the Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 members area and in this video I quickly go through what you get when you purchase the $27 product, as a member myself of the original Secret Affiliate Weapon 1 that came out back in 2004 I thought it would be a good idea to purchase and review this updated affiliate blueprint.

It has slightly different information, but essentially it has some common themes to the last affiliate system, you have the video tutorials that explain the ways to promote, just like any other affiliate system and the basics of what affiliate marketing is for the new marketers, I liked the videos as they was presented in a clear and direct way by a marketer who sounded like Michael Chaney(probably was!)

Aswell as the videos you have 4 modules that go through such basics as choosing your business niche, building traffic and other promotional methods, so really the modules are meant to be read first and the videos along the way when the ebook modules link to specific videos within the text.

You get 2 free bonuses with this product too, you get the original Secret Affiliate Weapon 1 and you get a teleclass audio on passive income secrets, although it's a large file to save to your computer, but it's worth it, I took notes whilst listening to it and then placed it on a separate flash drive off my computer.

Of course this isn't for advanced affiliate marketers, it is really aimed at new affiliate marketers, to show them the basics of what is possible with affiliate marketing and the potential of earnings that you can create with promoting other peoples products.

Here is the video, And I may do a couple more videos with a little bit more detail on the free bonuses, until then heres the video:-

If you want to read some more information about the secret affiliate weapon then visit Secret Affiliate Weapon Today!

It's a simplistic affiliate blue print that anyone can follow and plus you can earn from it too in 3 ways which I go through in the video above.
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