Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hubpages Has Many Traffic Benefits And Advantages For Your Website Or Blog

Over on hubpages I have previously done a member hubpage experiment called the Hubchallenge and in this challenge you in effect challenge yourself to write 30 hubpages in 30 days, the first challenge was an awesome experience in which someone had the crazy idea of doing 100 hubpages in 30 days, now I only managed 42 at the time, but this was enough to triple my traffic and gave me a good reason to continue writing very regularly in the things that interest me alot.

Now the following are two traffic stats graphs, the first one is a before the 2nd hubchallenge but about a month after the first challenge.

First Traffic Stats

Now here is the second traffic stat image.

As you can see in the first traffic stats, the views to my hubpage articles were just over 800 a day, which was impressive after my first attempt at writing almost every day for a month.

But the second one has seen my traffic rise up over 1250 views a day, which is more an incentive to carry on with this wonderful hubpages challenge.

For those who do not have an account on Hubpages - Go and get one now!

Update - here is another traffic stats graph at date 20th November 2009 and it shows the traffic grew to 2000 views before dropping to 1600 ish views, so it's growing the traffic these Hubchallenges!!

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2 comments: on "Hubpages Has Many Traffic Benefits And Advantages For Your Website Or Blog"

Steve said...

Excellent experiment with very interesting results. Good to see posts like this where people take the trouble to take on a long term trial to prove success. Have RT'd your tweet.

Wayne Tully said...

Cheers now Steve.
Hubpages is really one great site to write for and link it up to your blogs that are relevant, and of course I'll be updating frequently on my hubpage traffic progress as I think it would be good to do so.

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