Saturday, 9 May 2009

Writing Effective Affiliate Product Reviews

When it comes to writing effective affiliate product reviews there are a few things you have to remember when beginning the writing process, firstly:

Do your research

Researching a topic, or a product or service will make it appear like you are knowledgable about it, so in the case of a service or product it might be something you personally endorse or have purchased, so you could offer some valuable user experience information in the form of a review very easily.

If you know a subject very well you may think there is no need to do any research but I have since found out you can find lots more unique angles of information if you research thoroughly and most certainly there are things that you may have missed out on, so it is definitely worth taking time out to research topics.

Search through Google or specific sites like and Wordpress for some articles relating to your niche. The Google Toolbar comes in quite handy for doing focused research, with the toolbar you can search news sites, blogger blogs and scholar content search.

Targeting Problem Solutions

As mentioned in a recent post, nailing down specific questions and problems in your niche is the key to writing helpful affiliate product related articles and possibly writing some solutions for free to them problems helps others out.

In the case of affiliate product reviews though, people want to know further information to a service or product that they cannot find elsewhere to make a buying decision, they want to know specifics such as:

- What can this product do for me?
- What are the benefits?
- Will this solve the problems I have been facing?
- Is this worth my time and money?

By focusing on what the customer wants and needs you can position your affiliate product reviews as very useful articles indeed, becasue if you aswer most of the questions that relate to that prouct them they have satisfied their decision to buy or not and so ultimately it is out of your hands at that stage, but a good product review usually if written right will generally work out quite positive in your affiliate campaigns.
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