Friday, 8 May 2009

Creating Affiliate Niche Articles

Something that I am a huge fan of is creating affiliate niche articles and these are exactly what they are described as, it s basically a set or collection of niche focused articles that relate to one type of product or service, and they include valuable review information, problem solving content, conversational but accurate information and all manner of specific information that people might need to know about a product or service.

Why collect these articles together?

Well, if you have a huge volume of information about a specific affiliate product or service it makes sense to break up the different problem statements in separate articles and interlink these to create a valuable mini infrastructure of great content that people could read for free(free works best!) in the form of a report if you wish, but since we are on about articles, it is best to consider a few content publishing sites for your unique information.

Squidoo and Hubpages work well for this type of niche article promotion, but there are others if you can find them like Launchtags or even Blogger or Wordpress, anywhere where it doesn't restrict you from adding affiliate links and jolly good article content.

Information that works well is when you start off with one article, then you create another article that is related to the subject of the first article, and you add the link at the bottom for further reading and then you repeat this with another 10, 20, 30 or however, many articles you need to explain important information. Articles that are linked to one after the other creates direction for your readers all you have to do is let your readers find the part at the end where it says something like read on for further valuable content.

Identfiying problems that people have in the niche you write about is the key to writing effective affiliate niche articles, so for example if your affiliate niche was online business start ups, then you need to find out what are the biggest problems to setting up a business online that people are facing, you do this in forums or through your email list if you have one, also it could be worth doing a quick search on Google for problems because quite often you might find specific forum posts that have been indexed with people asking about a problem.

Only then when you have a good list of questions and problems you start to craft your articles together with a sprinkling of a few targeted affiliate products, but I recommend choosing one to really focus on something, because you don't want to offer multiple options unless the content demands it, so for another example in the online business start ups you could either choose to link to a specific affiliate that helps you start up an online business, or just each of the individual steps like web host affiliates, domain name affiliates, auto responder affiliate etc. If you do the latter suggestion it is worth limiting each affiliate link promotion to one article so you can focus on that one alone.
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