Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Struggling To Focus This Year On Affiliate Promotions?

If you are struggling on your affiliate promotions this year then I think it is time you took a grip of yourself and only promote what you can.

Take a good long look at what you and your site are about and just focus on quality products for that, there is no need to focus on things that almost everyone else is doing too, just try and narrow down your affiliate promotions so that you can build on top of one thing rather than half a dozen, trust me, I know!

When I started, I had the best intentions of promoting what the top affiliate marketers were promoting, but then I soon realized that too compete with these top marketers you had to have some money behind you for advertising through ppc and other paid advertising and this was something I did not have when starting out.

The best way I can describe this to you is to think of the broadest and the most popular term for example if I search through the Google results by typing in a phrase like business it returns at present 2,420,000,000 results and that isa lot of pages, websites and blogs.

Now if I add words to the word business such as "Online Business" the search results go down to around 484,000,000 and this is still a lot of competition to compete with, so we need to really find a narrow niche by adding descriptive long tail type search words to see what results could be easy to get on the first page with a little work.

Try adding and changing keyword variations, like "scrap book online business" which at present returns 2,030,000 results, this is a workable number to see the first 2 pages and to check how your competition rank with their keywords, if you spot that the websites are weakly optimised it should take a couple of weeks to a month of writing content to get on the first page and out rank the rest of the others, even if they are ranking with solid optimised pages you can still get to the top of the results for that chosen keyword phrase it just takes a little bit more effort and persistence.

Struggling to focus on affiliate promotions is one of the top reasons why people simply give it up, they might start off with one or two affiliate programs, and then they have by the end of the month lots of affiliate promotions all getting tangled up against each other and this gets messy, especially if you don't see any earnings from the first few you signed up gets frustrating.
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