Tuesday, 26 February 2008

YouTube Adsense Video ads Released

There had been much speculation about whether the YouTube video adsense units would be all that was talked about, while there are a few minor problems that need ironing out, such as relevant targeting that the regular adsense units have accomplished after being used by thousands if not millions of website owners worldwide.

They are easy to set up on your website or blog, just like the ad units they can be customized and will automatically be targeted towards your sites content.

I'm looking forward to any more updates that google will add to this additional ad revenue stream of income and to see if they integrate it more into scheme of webmastery.

Also producing podcasts can be just like adding videos to your website or blog, so learning how to create your own with Podcast Essentials: A Beginners Guide to Producing a Podcast, podcasts can be of great use too in the area of video as you can show related videos to your website or niche website and then have a targeted ad from adsense tagged on to it.

Learn how to create podcasts from your own articles in 7 easy steps
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2 comments: on "YouTube Adsense Video ads Released"

erickia said...

haha, your blog are nice, hope can see more news next time

Wayne Tully said...

Hehe thanks, I'd love to give more news as and when it happens!!

But seriously, things happen in the world of internet marketing that need to be brought to the attention of anyone who does not know about it, and ad advertising is one of them things, so bring your ads up to date and try to be an advertiser on your sites too, as ad revenue makes up more than half of your online income, when established!

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