Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Use Of Product Reviews In Online Marketing

Most people doing Marketing today
know that they should be using product reviews
as part of their Marketing efforts.  However,
lately I've been hearing more people complain
that they can't do this because they are not writers
and don't know how to write "product reviews."

In all honesty, it takes even a good
writer about 1 hour for each new niche
product they research. Between finding
the niche, finding a product, seeing
if it has an affiliate program, researching
the product and then finally writing
the review - it can take an hour easily!

So assuming you value your time at
about $50/hour, that means that each
product review you write costs you
about $50!

And, you STILL may not have a good
product review. I mean do you really
know what elements should be included
in the review? How much information
should you really give?

You know, even "I" still don't know
how to write great product reviews
yet - they're very tricky because they
have to be short but convincing.

So, I have an entire professional
writing staff - their entire job is
to just sit there, find niches for
me and then write as many product
reviews for that niche as they can.

And...they write GREAT reviews!

Now, for a limited time, you can literally
"STEAL" the work my writers do for me!

Yes, you can basically grab 100 of the
product reviews I've had written for me
and you can use them however YOU
want and keep 100% of the profits!

You save about 99% on your cost!

Check it out today and see how you can
get quality reviews each month for LIFE
and you'll only pay $0.47 per product review!

I'll see you there,

The Affiliate Classroom

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