Tuesday, 31 July 2007

How to go from a Dead Website to Raging Buyers: Building Your Opt In Cash Cow

by Juan Pablo Cangas

Almost everyone, from the all-star "guru", to the small guy
promoting his humble website, says "The money is in the list".
And, really, having an opt-in list you can call your own
is crucial for succeeding online.

This one little "secret", can make all the difference for you,
between making a few sales here and there,
to consistently making money out of thin air, literally.

Here’s an outline of some of the benefits you get
from maintaining your own opt-in list.

- Ability to generate traffic (and sales!) on demand
- Leverage potential
- Advertising revenue

How to generate traffic and sales on demand:

Having an opt-in list, is like owning a “sales & traffic” button!
You’re literally a “send” button away from generating
traffic & sales anytime you want to, because if your list is
well-targeted, they *will* read and respond to your offers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can spam your list
with ads every time you want, as they will probably
unsubscribe, even get mad if you do. But if you keep
your communications useful to your readers,
you will see great responses!

Leveraging gold from your subscriber’s contact network:

I like to think about my list as my joint venture partners.
Think about it, it’s very realistic to assume that some
of your subscribers do have their own list and contacts.

If you can get your subscribers promoting your products
(even as second-tier affiliates), you’re leveraging
their resources to your benefit. That’s working smarter,
not harder.

Easily generating advertising revenue :

Do you think advertisers would be interested in
running an ad on your targeted, highly-responsive
opt-in list? You bet they do!

Running advertising inside your publications can be
a great source of extra income, with almost no work
involved from you!

Let’s say you charge $5 for publishing a top sponsor ad
in your bi-weekly newsletter. That makes you a
maximum of $10 a week, or $40 a month,
just for adding an ad to a message you were sending anyways
(I’m not even considering other type of ads here).

Not bad for covering your business expenses, say,
your web hosting and autoresponder account.

You can make some good money from running ads
on your publications, once your subscriber base reaches
a decent size. And as your list grows, you can increase
your prices, too! Just be sure not to turn your
mailings into a classified board instead of a good read,
or your subscribers might start opting-out.

There’s plenty of reasons for building an opt-in list.
It’s so important, that many experts recommend
you make list building your top priority when
doing online business. Start building or growing
your list today, so you can reap the rewards tomorrow!

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