Thursday, 10 June 2010

Testing Out The Ejunkie Product Selling Service

Ejunkie is an online seller of products, digital and actual tangible products, but I do like the digital selling of products through Ejunkie, as you can quickly create ebooks or some other digital download for selling on the Ejunkie marketplace, which filters out to Google quite quickly with the Google base lists of products.

Right now I am testing 3 PLR products over there and these are products I haven't created myself as I really wanted to test the service first before I did my own products and the process of uploading your own files from your computer is an easy one to follow and all you do is write a paragraph on what benefits your product delivers and set up other things like the brilliant affiliate set up, which you can add for free and set an amount of what share of commissions you can give other affiliates.

I've gone for the 50% affiliate share between myself and the affiliate gets the other 50%, but when I create a handful of my own products I will set one as high as 80%, because I want to connect my other related ebooks to this offer and see what the results will be, sometimes offering a higher commission rate can help boost your sales and traffic to your websites, so I'm more than happy to do this.

You can sign up for your own Ejunkie account and you could just search the site for affiliate products to promote or if you are more serious then you could get the starter option of $5 a month and you get up to 50MB of file space to place your eboos or digital files, which could be videos or audio files or even artwork.

Sing up for your Ejunkie Account, it's free!

I will keep you updated with the progress of this Ejunkie Digital Selling Journey as I am excited about it really!
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