Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Look At Some Relevant Squidoo Internet Marketing Lenses

I have been a member of Squidoo for quite awhile now and I have only just got back into the swing of creating new lenses at this great online content publishing site.

I would like this post to be the hub of all of my online business, affiliate marketing, internet marketing and anything business related lenses, so I could create a library of my lens links to either inspire you or help you with some information in this area of online marketing and help with finding some affiliate programs to promote.

In no particular order off we go: -

The BeBiz Niche Builder is one from the internet marketing center that focuses on a software tool that helps you in the online business creation process for you to build your very own business online, from the screen shots I've seen and the demos, it looks like one of the best tools around for building an online business in todays competitive market, see how I tackled the lens building on this one - BeBiz Online Business Builder.

Next is another one from the internet marketing center, (notice how I pick the best products!) it is the Insider Secrets To Marketing Online Course this is the original product that is a course that kicked off the internet marketing center and it is still going stron gtoday it detaisl everything you need to know to start your very own online business from scratch, all the hard work of research has already been done for you, from finding a business idea and then to building a website that takes payments and beyond. Find out all about it here - The Insider Secrets To Marketing Online Course

Finding a niche online can be some task to actually start an online business, but there are lots of untapped niches out there waiting to be discovered and the Micro Niche Finder will do just that, but there are 5 videos to watch first that expalin the possible earnings you could make through niche building online and finding the perfect niche for your business product or service, see what you learn over here - Your Business Niche Finder

$7 products are the main income earners of the top internet marketers out there, I have been involved in the promotion of these products for awhile and in undertsanding the value of $7 reports and ebooks you can then understand the power of passive income for yourself, if you do the same in your marketing efforts you can achieve some powerful results in the internet marketing arena, take a quick look - $7 Power Products
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