Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Earning In Affiliate Marketing Online Welcomes You

Hello, this is my first ever blog all about the affiliate marketing business,
firstly I would like to add some useful affiliate marketing content to this site and I
hope you find it helpful for your own affiliate efforts in online business.

While I am no means an expert, I am quickly picking up the promotion and marketing aspects of affiliate marketing and am earning small bits of affiliate income, enough to call this a part-time business with lots of potential for a growing full time business.

But before that, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Wayne Tully and I am an affiliate marketer with a passion for fantasy art and design among other things, such as blogging development. I fell into the world of online affiliate businesses by accident really as my real working life ground to a halt when I found it unable to secure a permanent job and became depressed with all the duties associated with working for someone else's business and potentially realizing someone else's dreams of becoming wealthy.

I like anybody looked for a way to earn online, went through the scams and the usual shady enterprise with my eyes reflecting bank notes at every concievable turn of phrase that says "you will earn $1000 a day in the next 30 minutes"

This carried on for awhile until I got into blogging and realised that this could be something I could do whilst I do some of the promotions on a few of the first affiliate programs I signed up for.

And this is when I realised about blogging as a source of income and opportunity for branding my name as someone who would be willing to go on a journey to build an affiliate business and support me and my family.

Although I love to work and be part of something, I realized that if I was going to be doing something of my own that I really wanted to do, then I needed to start right away and just get on with it, as it was not going to come up to me and say hello here's a million pounds.(Everyone wants to be a millionaire or at least comfortable financially)

This is when I began to write about my main topics of interest which are affiliate marketing, online business, fantasy art drawing and inspirations and blogging.
Although there are a few other subjects that I write and plan to blog about in the future, especially my other main passion - Comic Books and the art of creating and drawing them.

Anyway, if affiliate marketing is for you, then sit back and join in the discussions here, I'll always try to answer any comments and questions and just get involved with providing a great resource on affiliate marketing that I have learned along the way and how to use this as your primary or part time internet income.
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